Download iTunes 11.1 for Windows and Mac

A few hours before the release of iOS 7, the Cupertino giant has decided to release iTunes 11.1 for both Windows and iPad. The update brings the standout feature being supported for iOS 7, iTunes Radio and more.

As some Apple fans already know, the Fruit Company has released the iTunes Radio at the Developer Conference this year. The program offers streaming content as an integral part of the digital industry. In the same time, the tailored stations allow users to discover new music while enjoying the artist and songs they like.

downlaod iTunes 11.1

Apparently, this new service makes people happy. Customers are glad to pay a monthly subscription fee in order to listen unlimited music, create playlists and stream radio as they please. What is worth mentioning is the fact that iTunes Radio is not compatible with likes on Spotify and Xbox Music.

Apple’s iTunes Radio 11.1 offers full streaming support for iOS devices, Apple TV and most important for Apple’s latest operating system which is about to be released this evening. This means that users can easily sync their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to a Windows/Mac desktop.

According to the official change log, Apple iTunes Radio 11.1 comes with multiple features such as “Genius Shuffle”, which “instantly plays songs that go great together”. In the same time, Podcast Stations allow users “to create custom stations of favorite podcasts that update automatically with new episodes”.

The most important feature offered by the updated iTunes is the fact that the service is compatible with iOS 7. As it was mentioned earlier, users are able to use iTunes in order to sync favorite music, movies and more to devices running the iOS 7.

For those who are interested in installing iTunes 11.1 on their devices, the latest version of iTunes is available for download right now, only by visiting Apple’s official website, in the iTunes section, or simply via Apple’s Software Update utility, in case users already run an older iteration.

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