Download iTunes 11.0.2 for Windows and Mac now Available

The iTunes service has become quite indispensable for most users out here. For all of you who are big iTunes fans, I am sure that this will definitely be great news. Recently, Apple just updated their famous iTunes service. The new iTunes 11.0.2 was recently released, and it brings many improvements and changes. You are free to download iTunes 11.0.2 on your computer with support for both Windows and Mac.

Download iTunes 11.0.2

Despite the fact that this long-awaited release was scheduled for the end of the last year, now, it is more than welcomed. As you know, at the beginning, the iTunes service was mostly a music player and portal, especially designed for the iPod. Now, its content has been improved, and it offers a multitude of options and possibilities. During time, the interface and the look of the iTunes service has not changed that much, but now, along with the new iTunes 11.0.2, we have a much fresher look. In the same time, the old iTunes was a little bit difficult and more resource demanding, but now, the new update promises to give us multiple changes on all levels.

Therefore, iTunes 11.0.2 offers some great bug fixes and performance enhancements, and it is definitely worth to be updated to. If you choose to update your iTunes service, here is what you will receive. First of all, the most notable improvement is concerning the Composer view for Music with improved response time when dealing with larger playlists. You will be able to sync your entire playlist in an easy and simple manner. Another useful change is about the bug fix for the purchases that do not show up in iTunes.

Besides these two important improvements, there are also some other great bug fixes and performance enhancements. I am sure that you will love the improved interface and the expanded iCloud integration within the new iTunes 11.0.2.

The good news is the fact that you do not need to download iTunes 11.0.2 once again on your computer. You are able to update it directly from the Updates tab in your Mac App Store. However, if you want a fresh installation process, then you can easily visit Apple to download it and to reinstall it on your Windows or Mac desktop.

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