Download iOS 6.0.2 for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

It takes a lot of time to release a new iOS version for the public because there are so many aspects you need to think about. When a new iOS is released, there always remain some problems unsolved; some bugs to be fixed and Apple tries to solve them with the help of another version. What is different, is the fact that now, Apple revealed a new iOS, namely the 6.0.2 version, designed exclusively for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. It is actually something new that fact that Apple chooses to release an iOS version only for two devices. However, this is not that extraordinary. Due to the Wi-Fi bug which affects only the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini, then the iOS 6.0.2 exclusively for iPhone 5 and iPad mini is not that a big of a deal.

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If you own one of these two devices, then you most definitely need to upgrade it to the iOS 6.0.2. With a simple visit to the Settings menu, in the General tab, you can easily upgrade your device to the new software.

As I said earlier, the main feature regarding the iOS 6.0.2 is the bug fix for the Wi-FI problem.

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