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As some of you already know, the famous Hackulous repo who offered us the famous Installous apps in order to download free apps from Cydia Store, is no longer working. This is terrible news especially for those of you who recently started jailbreak their iOS 6.1 devices, and they are eager to download free App Store apps and tweaks. Fortunately, for this, we have several Installous iOS 6.1 apps alternatives to try out. Therefore, if you want to download Installous iOS 6.1 apps alternatives and repos, you are in the right place.

Installous iOS 6.1 App Alternatives

Since Hackulous is no longer working, people need to find suitable alternatives to find what they need. These new alternatives will allow you to download cracked apps and tweaks on your device, just as Installous did in the past. However, in order to install any of these apps or tweaks, you need first to start jailbreak on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Fortunately, for this, users are able to use Evasion, the jailbreak tool in order to perform an untethered jailbreak on their devices.

Here are some great Installous iOS 6.1 apps alternatives you can try out on your device:

– AppCake

– HIPstore

– vShare

– IPAstore

Now, if you want to install these Installous iOS 6.1 apps alternatives or repos on your device, here is how you are able to do it in some simple steps.

1. After you finished the jailbreak process on your device, you will be able to use Cydia Store. So, launch Cydia and go to the Sources menu.

2. For this, go to Manage > Edit > Sources and then tap on Add Source.

3.  At this point, you will have to add the following Cydia repo < >.

4. Open the respective Cydia source, and start to download Installous iOS 6.1 Apps alternatives, the ones that I mentioned you earlier.

This was all. Now, you can start searching for your favorite apps, tweaks, ringtones and even themes. For most people, Installous represented the simplest and easier ways to download cracked apps from the App Store, but since we are no longer able to use it as we wanted, we have to stick with all these alternatives. Feel free to install and browse these Installous iOS 6.1 apps alternatives to see what they have to offer you. I am sure that you will definitely find some interesting apps and tweaks. The good thing is that we have other methods in which we can start downloading our favorite apps and tweaks.

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