Download iFaith 1.5.7 for iOS 6.1.3

Recently, iFaith, iH8Snow’s tool, has been upgraded to iFaith 1.5.7, and it brings multiple changes and improvements. The new version allows dumping iOS 6.1.3 firmware on older devices such as iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 4th generation.

As you know, iFaith is used to save SHSH blobs, namely to backup Apple certificated directly from your device. In this way, users are able to restore the same iOS version later, when Apple is no longer signing for it. When the installed version is not the newest one released by Apple, then the Fruit Company no longer allows reinstalling the firmware. When using iFaith, this thing is possible.

Download iFaith 1.5.7 for iOS 6.1.3

In the same time, iFaith can help users to build a custom IPSW configured with SHSH blobs. The tool will also create a SHSH blobs backup in a remote service in order to ease the downgrade process.

The iFaith 1.5.7 version brings notable changes. The most notable one is the ability to use locally saved blobs from other apps such as Redsnow, TinyUmbrella or iSHSHit directly to Cydia Store. The new version offers an apticket validation, which you can use in order to browse through blobs when creating a custom IPSW or when downloading existing blobs from Cydia or iFaith server.

Moreover, iFaith 1.5.7 allows you to dump iOS 5.2.1 to iOS 6.1.3 blobs on 3GS and A4 devices. The update offers multiple bug fixes such as the 3.x.x/4.x.x dumps bug, the Windows XP USB bug or the bug where iFaith tool did not submit the latest SHSH blobs Apple is currently signing to Cydia service when dumping. If you were using a previous version of iFaith in order to save your SHSH blobs, then you must have encountered multiple other bugs and issues as most users complained. Now, the tool offers multiple bug fixes and minor UI improvements, which will surely be noticed.

The changelog for the iFaith 1.5.7 version is pretty impressive, and when you plan to use the tool to create a personal SHSH backup, you will be able to see all those improvements and changes. Preserve the current signed Apple firmware running on your device by using iFaith tool to save SHSH blobs. Go to our Download iFaith page in order to download iFaith v1.5.7.


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