Download Evasion 1.5 Jailbreak Tool for iOS 6.1.2

Evasion, the jailbreak tool created by the Evad3rs team has now been updated in order to perform an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6, iOS 6.1 and iOS 6.1.2. The new version and namely Evasion 1.5 was updated in order to fix some old problems and some minor bugs. In the same time, the tool is meant to improve the boot time.

Download Evasion 1.5 for Bug fixes

As you now, Apple keeps in revealing new versions of firmware in order to deal with all those problems encountered by users during time. In the same time, the Evad3rs team tries to keep up with Apple, and they update their tools, as well. In this respect, we were able to download and install Evasion 1.4 a few days ago in order to jailbreak the latest iOS 6.1.2 released by Apple. Now, Evasion has reached the 1.5 version, which aims mostly the boot time issue. Within the latest version, users encountered some notable problems and bugs, but the rebooting problem was the most prominent one.

In case you wonder what this new version offers us, let me tell you that besides the booting time problem, Evasion 1.5 jailbreak tool also includes an updated Cydia packages list, which fixes the Cydia packages problem. However, this issue was previously fixed by an update. But now, you have the solution right in your hands with the new Evasion 1.5, with less effort and in less time.

For those of you who encountered problems when rebooting your devices, you can easily download the new Evasion 1.5 jailbreak tool for iOS 6.1.2 on your desktop computer and start untethered jailbreak once again. In the same time, if there are some of you who have not performed untethered jailbreak on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch yet, now it is a great moment to start downloading Evasion 1.5 in order to avoid all those problems and bugs users encountered in the past.

As a last mention, for those of you who plan to download Evasion 1.5 and start jailbreak on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the process is the same as before. If you already used Evasion for untethered iOS 6 in the past, then you familiar with the process. However, you can check out our iOS 6.1.2 jailbreak tutorial and start untethered jailbreak using Evasion 1.5 on your device.


Direct links for Evasion 1.5

Download Evasion 1.5 for Windows

Download Evasion 1.5 for Mac

Download Evasion 1.5 for Linux

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  1. Enchong

    Links are not working anymore.

    • John

      All the links have been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. abdulhaq

    I need ot downoad

  3. Becky

    The link isn’t working… it’s saying the site has been closed down by google…. can that be fixed??

    • John


      All the links have been fixed. They are now working. Thanks for pointing that out and sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. Jen

    The link opens a new tab that says MEGA and buffers on that page, it won’t load or do anything?

    • John

      yes the download is uploaded on MEGA, you just agree with their terms and hit the download button, i tested it myself one more time now and it worked..

  5. Stan

    March 5, Downloading from an imac using Safari and Chrome and MEGA website freezes on 512.9kb/s with time clock at 00:00:17. Waited and waited and nothing happens beyond this point.

  6. Wafiy

    EVASION is good jailbreak tools..

  7. Fajel

    I already have Google Chrome and still MEGA website is not supported and download Google Chrome again..Wht shud i do ?!

  8. Anonymous

    I have jailbroken my iPhone 4s with on the firmware 6.1.2 with the help of evasi0n. But after the jailbreak process the cydia icon isnt apearing anywhere although evasi0n tells me that my iPhone 4s is jailbroken. What do i do? please help :(

  9. Trent

    Whenever I try to download it is says temporary error retrying. It does this repeatedly and won’t finish.

  10. supernerd567

    Certainly one of my buddies registered my ipod device for that iOS 5 beta on his developer account, however I can not learn how to have it on my small ipod device. How do you download iOS 5?

  11. mmminja

    I’ve an ipod device touch third generation. I’d to update it to ios 7 without itunes. Can one do this?

    Basically need itunes, do you know me how?

    Thanks ahead of time?

  12. PillowMan1234

    I am thinking about purchasing a fifth generation ipod device Touch for that holidays, and I am wondering when the iOS 7 is going to be placed on that ipod device Touch or maybe I must update it using iTunes. And just how much memory will it occupy? 3 GB? Under 1 GB?

  13. Bryan J

    I’ve an apple iphone 3GS and that i wanna get iOS 5 onto it However I don’t wanna jailbreak it or do anything whatsoever that may screw it up. Thanks!

  14. Lasagna delivery guy

    I wish to update my phone to ios 6 NOT Ios 7 (im presently ios 5.1.1) however i have no clue how an after i use itunes it keeps saying apple iphone is not qualified for asked for build

    Any ideas?

  15. PIE BOY

    I did previously possess a jailbroken apple iphone 3gs that used cydia however i have lately bought a Rim and no more require the jail break.

    I wish to upgrade my ios in order to save me needing to buy an ipod device.

    How do i do that?

  16. supernerd567

    I wish to install an apple iphone application on my small apple iphone 4 however it requires me to upgrade my iOs and I’d rather not do this because it makes my phone reduced previously.

    Does anybody know a means I’m able to install that application with no iOs upgrade?

  17. Kevin

    I effectively installed iOS 7 onto my apple iphone 4S. Nevertheless it keeps giving me an activation error. How do i fix this without purchasing a designers account with apple?

  18. DuckieM10

    I accidentally downloaded the new ios 4 last evening also it removed everything. Whenever I attempt to revive it reinstates towards the same desltop with Game Center. I would like to return to the initial firmware or OS it included. Is it feasible? Each time I restore, it reinstates for an old apple iphone that accustomed to sync to that particular computer.

  19. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    I am attending college for Graphics and located a intro to iOS programming class. The category shows the fundamentals of creating programs for that apple iphone, iPad and ipod device Touch. The program can also get the fundamental summary of HTML, CSS, Javascript and Objective C language. And ultimately a student will earn a CiTE certificate. I have never done anything such as this before, and that’s why I am unsure if it’s relevant or helpful for any future Graphic Desiger much like me to understand.

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