Download Evasion 1.4 Jailbreak for iOS 6.1.2

With the new iOS 6.1.2 released mostly to fix the Exchange and the Lock Screen bug, people wondered if Apple had patched the Evasion jailbreak. Fortunately for us, untethered jailbreaking using Evasion is still possible even on the new iOS 6.1.2. In this respect, the Evad3rs team upgraded their desktop tool in order to offer support for the latest software upgrade. Users are now able to download Evasion 1.4 jailbreak for iOS 6.1.2.

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Download Evasion 1.4 for iOS 6.1.2

As I mentioned earlier, this software updated was meant for fix all those bugs and problems users encountered within the iOS 6.1. The Exchange bug which prevented people from accessing their Exchange accounts and which caused a notable battery loss and low performance is now fixed within the new iOS 6.1.2. In the same time, some users discovered a specific vulnerability in what concerns the Lock screen features. They were able to access any data within any device by bypassing the passcode lock. So, in order to fix these two important problems as well as some other minor bugs, Apple released the iOS 6.1.2.

Therefore, if you want to upgrade to the latest software, you are free to do it using the iTunes service or over the air. Regardless the alternative you choose to upgrade your device, you will be able to start untethered jailbreak using Evasion 1.4 on your new iOS 6.1.2 device. However, Evad3rs hardly recommend upgrading via iTunes instead of OTA. In this way, you will avoid some possible problems during the jailbreak process.

The new updated Evasion 1.4 is compatible with all iDevices including iPhone 5, iPhone 4S or the new iPad mini. In the same time, it offers support for Windows, Mac or Linux. So, despite the operating system your run on your desktop computer or on the type of iDevice you are using, you will still be able to perform untethered jailbreak using Evasion 1.4. Keep in mind that you do now need to download and install Evasion 1.4 id you have not upgraded to iOS 6.1.2 yet. The new update is designed for iOS 6.1.2 devices only and it does not bring any other bug fixes. Once you have downloaded Evasion 1.4, you are free to check our untethered jailbreak tutorial.

#Update You can now download Evasion 1.5 for iOS 6.1.2 and below. It has several bug fixes and improvements. 

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