Download Auxo Tweak Now Available on Cydia Store

Finally, for those of you who hardly expected its appearance, the Auxo tweak, the replacement for App Switcher, is now released for the public and it can be found on Cydia Store for only $1.99. I am sure that some of you still do not know what this amazing app does. First of all, to bring you to speed, I want to tell you some things related to this amazing app.

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As I mentioned earlier, the Auxo Tweak is used as a replacement for the App Switcher and it brings a lot of new features to explore. First, the standard icon view is replaced with some app cards. Now, you can remove more than just one app at once. With a simple tap finger, you can select what apps you want to delete and then, to get rid of them all at the same time. Even the audio aspect is now renewed. Users have more audio controllers and they can easily ask for more information about the current song played.

The bad thing is the fact that for now, Auxo offers support only for iOS 6.0 or later and for iPhone and iPod Touch only. Another important condition is the fact that you need to have a jailbroken device before you choose to download the Auxo Tweak from Cydia Store.

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