Disable Repeated Text Message Alerts on iPhone

I am sure that you all noticed the fact that your iPhone rings every two minutes when you receive a new text message and you do not read it. This is a default feature that all iDevices have it. Despite the fact that some people might find this two-minute alert quite helpful in some cases, there are also many people who want to turn it off. You can disable repeated text message alerts on iPhone if you do not want to be disturbed anymore.

Disable Text Messages Alert on iPhone

If you are tired to hear this annoying sound every two minutes, here is what you need to do to disable this feature. However, this solution is designed only for incoming text messages and iMessages. If you want to disable any other notifications such as Facebook or email notifications, you need to visit the settings menu of each application.

So, here is what you need to do:

– First you need to open the Settings menu and search for the Notifications option.

– Choose Messages from the displayed list. Here, you will see the Repeat Alert feature. Tap on it to make the desired changes.

– At this point, you will be able to notice a list of time intervals such as Never, Once, Twice, Three Times, Five Times and Ten Times. You need to select the first option and namely “Never”. Close out Settings for all changes to take place.

Now, when you will receive a text message, your iPhone will ring only once, with the normal ringtone and then, until you read it, you will not hear any other sound. This solution will also remove the false impression that you received multiple text messages instead of a single one.

In the same time, I am sure that some of you might enjoy a double notification just to remember to answer the respective text message. For this, all you have to do is to follow the same steps until you find the list of time intervals. Here, check the Twice interval in order to receive a double notification. However, this is only a personal decision and you have to decide the best option for your particular case. As a last note, I want to mention the fact that disabling all these text messages and iMessages notifications will slightly increase the battery life of your device.


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