Create Free Account on iTunes Without Credit Card [How To]

I am sure that you all know what iTunes means. however just in case, for those of you who still have some doubts, iTunes is the Apple Store which hosts millions of apps, tweaks, themes, music, videos and valuable documents. When you first buy an Apple device, you need to create an iTunes account in order to have access to this amazing platform. Most of Apple apps are payable and you need to use your credit card number to create a paid iTunes account.

This was in the past. Now, we have the possibility to create free account on iTunes without credit card. Yes, this is true. You can now create a free iTunes account to have access to millions of useful apps and amazing themes without paying using your credit card. This is how you do it.

1. First, connect your device to your computer and launch the iTunes application. Find the section Change Country and select your country. During this time, if you are logged in to your iTunes account, sign out. You cannot use your old iTunes account to create a non-paid one.

2. When you find the section called Free Apps, click it and choose a random free app to download it. When you try to download it, you will see that a new window appears.

3. Apple will show a window asking you to fill in your Apple ID and password. Beside these options, you have the option to Create Apple ID.

4. Click on Continue in the new window that appears on the screen.

5. Agree with Terms and Conditions in order to proceed.

6. This step is about your personal information. You need to enter you email, a new password and several verification questions. Your password must be 8 characters long and it must contain an uppercase letter, a number and lowercase letters.

7. After you press Continue, you must select the payment method. You have several options available, but since you chose to create a free iTunes account without credit card, you have the None option at the end. This is what you need to choose.

The process ends here. You just created a new free iTunes account without using credit card. Now, you have access to amazing apps to download on your device. Start using your free iTunes account at its maximum power and enjoy many more possibilities on your device.

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