Consumers Interested in Buying Apple ‘iWatch’

Earlier this year appeared some rumors of an Apple smart watch. At that moment, a number of reports claimed that the company is developing a wearable wrist accessory. One of the reports regarding the iWatch exposed that the company has a 100-person team working on the project.

Regarding the features of the iWatch it was stated that the device would be made of curved glass, being emphasized the fact that it will facilitate and coordinate not only the activities of all the other computers and devices we use, but also a wide array of devices to come.

The new data came from ChangeWave Research, and it was published on Friday. According to a new survey, consumers are strongly interested in the hypothetical “iWatch” from Apple, 19 per cent of them stating they would probably buy such a device.


Additional information that came with this survey was related to the people’s loyalty to Apple, as 18 percent of the people who would buy an iWatch said their trust in the company is the main selling point. Another 16 percent stated that they are most interested in the convenience a smart watch would offer. In addition, 14 percent were interested in the “cool factor,” and 11 percent said they were interested in how easily they believe such a device would interact with other Apple products.

The data suggests to the market watchers at ChangeWave that the concept of an Apple “iWatch” is very interesting for the potential buyers. Therefore, although this product does not exist yet, it has the potential to be another huge success for Apple.

The figures were culled from a survey of 1,713 primarily North American respondents and was conducted March 4 through 19.

The Interest in smart watches was amplified last year after the Pebble raised well over $10 million in financial backing on Kickstarter. Therefore, as Apple, according to recent rumors, Samsung also plans to enter the connected smart watch market, but the company has twice in the past also attempted and failed to pioneer with such a device.

After the rumors of so-called “smart watch” products from Apple and Samsung, software giant Microsoft is appeared to be mulling an entrance into the still nascent wearable computing device sector with designs of its own.

Furthermore, because the wearable smart watches seem to be the “next big thing” in tech a pair of new reports claimed that both Google and LG are working on their own wrist accessories.

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