Coffee Date with Apple’s Tim Cook Reaches $295,000 Bid

As the bidding for a coffee date with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook already started, the bidding is still open, and it has reached the $300,000 limit. For those who are interested in buying special coffee time with the controversial CEO, they will have to spend more than just $300K as the bidding is still increasing.

This week, Charitybuzz started a Cook coffee date in the interest of charity. The winner bidder will get to spend from half-hour to an hour having coffee with the Apple chief. The offer was estimated initially to go around $50,000, but since people are willing to spend more in order to have coffee with the Apple CEO, the bidding is still growing.

Coffee Date with Tim Cook

At the moment, the bidding is exactly $295,000, but there is plenty of time for keens. The offer still has 18 days left until the bidding closes, but so far, it has broken the record for the site’s largest charity auction even. The previous record holder, Bill Clinton, was surpassed by Apple’s CEO with $40,000 so far.

So far, 52 people already placed their bids on the Cook auction, and the most probably is the fact that they wait to see how things turn. Since it is plenty of time for placing bids, more than 100 persons are expected to register to the charity coffee date until the offer expires.

However, according to the auction rules, “the winner cannot blog, social network, talk to the press, write about, take pictures or record during the experience in any way due to security regulations”. In the same time, the winner will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) when it first arrives at the Infinite Loop. Therefore, we will not know anything related to the well-awaited coffee date with Apple’s CEO.

The charity bidding will go toward the RFKCenter for Justice and Human Rights. It is worth mentioning the fact that those who pay a high amount of money on having a coffee date with Apple’s CEO, will have to pay also for own accommodations and travel expenses. The bidding price offers only the cost of coffee and the time spent with Tim Cook.

All auctioneers are expected to present polite manners and respect for the generous donor and adherence to any rules or parameters are necessary. Let us hope that when the auction closes on May 14 at 4:08 PM Eastern, the bidding will reach $1 million.

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