Chinese Websites Distribute Free Pirated Apple Apps

A Chinese website appears to distribute pirated versions of some iOS apps free of charge, with a system powered by Apple’s enterprise licensing technology.

The website offers users the possibility to download and install various popular iOS apps without going to the official App Store. In fact, the website is only a web portal for an external desktop program called “KuaiYong”. The respective software displays a licensed authorization for distribute free apps to users.

KuaiYong for pirated apps

The respective software hit the market in 2012, and it was designed to streamline app discovery and downloading by making various tidies accessible in the online field instead of using a dedicated program. In the same time, KuaiYong provides Apple’s enterprise app distribution system meant to be used by corporations and institutions for downloading internal apps to the staff.

According to the licensing protocol, users are able to download unlimited number of apps once it provides a complete profile grated by Apple. Moreover, the whole purpose of this website is to allow iPhone and iPad users to download third party apps without jailbreking their devices.

Beijing YouRanTianDi Technology Co Ltd owns the website, and it is branded as a support center for Chinese users who are not familiar with App Store. As feedback, the website suggests the fact that a large number of Apple users are Chinese Based-customers, which are not familiar with the iTunes system, and the App Store. In this respect, the website provides help and support for all those in need in order to download multiple apps free and in a secure mode.

In the same time, the KuaiYong offers details, information regarding each app, free app download trial, iOS device management and visual and audio file backup system. Apparently, a new iOS backup system will be released in a future update. As the numbers point out, KuaiYong suggests the fact “the proportion of jailbreak in China has declined dramatically from 60% to 30%”.

However, the software is not available outside China since the proxy software is not supported internationally because of a mock IP address, which described the website. In the same time, the KuaiYong team plans to release an English version for all Windows users any time soon. For now, the software owns five million users in China.

In what concerns Apple, the big Cupertino Company has not commented over this matter yet, but it is sure that they will try to close the website as soon as possible.

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