Change Photo Album Names on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

I am sure that most of you enjoy taking photos using their smart devices. It is simple and convenient and in the same time, you can capture quality photos of your most important moments. However, when you have so many pictures saved on your device, you need to manage them in a way or another if you want to be aware of each one of them. You need to assign different tags for different albums in order to know where to look when you search for something. Now, you can easily change photo album names on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to make things easier.

Change Album Name on iPhone

As you all know, all those photo apps available create their own albums in order to keep things separated. These albums are usually named after the respective app. Sometimes you might find the need to rename each one of these albums in order to express better what their hold. However, some users might find it difficult to rename photo albums as the process is somehow hidden. The process is different in the case of iPhone and iPad compared to the iPad situation. Therefore, here is how you can change photo albums names for your device.

1. How to rename albums on iPhone and iPod Touch. In the case of iPhone and iPod Touch, here is how you can perform it. First, open Photos and keep the screen where all albums are listed. Next, tap on the Edit option. At this point, you need to tap directly on the name of the album in order to rename it. The onscreen keyboard will appear and you can name the album as you please. At the end, tap on Done in order to save all changes.

However, if there are multiple albums that you want to rename, before you tap on Done you can change other album names as well.

2. How to rename album names on your iPad. In the case of the iPad, the process is quite the same. The only thing that is different is the fact that the view is different. Here, you get to see the album in small thumbnails rather than listed. So, if you want to change the name of a particular photo album, you need to click on the Edit option. At this point, you will be able to see a small x in the top-left corner of each album. This means that now you can easily manage them. Press on the name of the album that you want to change and write the desired name. Click on Done in order to save the whole process.

However, you should not be renaming each photo album in your device. Their native names will help you to better differentiate them from each other. Therefore, each app creates its own album and you will know where to look when you want to find all pictures that were edited using the Snapseed app for example. If you still change it, the app will create a new album all over again.

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