CEO Tim Cook Apologizes to China for Customer Service

Apple CEO Tim Cook sent his apologies to Chinese customers regarding the customer service and the warranty issues for all Apple products available in the Chinese market.

As you know, Apple is facing difficult times in China, where the media is constantly persecuting the Fruit Company from various reasons. However, the main reason why Apple was highly criticized by the Chinese media is the fact that its warranties last only a year compared to the rest of the world where customers receive a two-year warranty.

Tim Cool Apology for China

After Tim Cook has presented his apology in an official letter, the Chinese tabloids suggested the fact that this is suitable and beneficial for the both sides. Within his letter, Apple’s CEO confirmed the fact that they are aware of the external communication, which has lead to Apple’s arrogance, but the miscommunication between the two parties has caused this misunderstanding.

Moreover, in its statement, Apple also pointed out the fact that the company is making significant improvements in what concerns its after-sale services for all Chinese customers, including its warranty for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and it will also enhance supervision and training for authorized service providers.

The China Central Television has publically accused the Cupertino-based company of offering discriminatory after-sales services in China. Moreover, other powerful media channels such as People’s Daily has accused Apple of arrogance, freed and “throwing its weight around”. Apple responded to these attacks by offering their apology directly through their chief executive Tim Cook.

China- The Third Largest Market for Apple

Despite all these media attacks and government pressures, Apple sales within the region, including also Taiwan and Hong Kong, has increased 67 percent to $6.8 billion only in the first months of the current year. This number is compared to the same period the last year. When iPhone 5 was fist available in China, Apple sold more than 2 million units only in the first weekend.

These numbers reflect the fact that China is Apple’ third largest opening markets and it gathers more than 13 percent of all Apple sales within the last year. In China, Apple owns more that 17,000 outlets, which offer their products mostly in the China region. This number includes 11 Apple Stores and another 400 premium resellers.

This is not the first time Cook apologized. As you remember, recently after Apple released their famous Apple Maps service, Tim Cook apologized for the way in which the service behaves and he confirmed the fact that the mapping system will be improved as soon as possible in order to offer accurate results worldwide. However, this might not be the last time we see Tim Cook saying sorry.

Nevertheless, the apology letter was the right move for Apple. This has eased the tense situation between Apple and the Chinese market. After various lawsuits against Apple, customers were a little bit confused by the way in which Apple treats its Chinese customers.

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