How To Fix Siri Error on iOS 6

According to several users, Siri, the voice-recognition assistant, encountered several problems when updated to iOS 6 including a Siri error. Siri has become an indispensable feature for all iOS users especially when you have your hands engaged in something else. It is simpler to use Siri to send a mail, a text or just to search for a new location. Sir has become quite helpful and users want to make use of it at its full capacity. As I mentioned earlier, some users encountered problems when using Siri on their brand new iPad updated to iOS 6.

Here I want to show you a way in which you will be able to fix any Siri error that you find on your iPad. However, some problems are caused by a poor internet connection, which leads to a bad communication between the personal assistant and user.

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Therefore, you need to make sure that your internet connection works properly for using Siri. If the problem persists and you still receive the Siri error, then you have to choose one of the three alternatives available. Continue reading “How To Fix Siri Error on iOS 6” »


Install Spire Free Siri Proxy Server for iPhone 4, 3GS

One of the most debatable features of the iPhone 4S was the personal assistant called Siri. Back then, the only way in which users were able to make use of Siri was to purchase an iPhone 4S.  Now, with the release of iPhone 5, Siri is available on both devices. I mean in legal terms, in a way in which the fruit Company agrees with. Fortunately you now have Spire free Siri proxy server and you can install Siri on iPhone 4 and 3GS.

siri proxy server, install siry proxy server, spire proxy serverNow, things have changed. What I want to say is that users of older devices such as iPhone 4 or 3GS are now able to install and use Siri properly on their devices. This is a huge step for developers and in the same time for users. In this way, they are not forced to give up their old devices and buy new ones just to get Siri.  If you want to install Spire free Siri Proxy Server fro iPhone 4, 3GS, you need to jailbreak first. I am sure that most of you already jailbroke iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS by using one of the various jailbreak tool available. Therefore, after you finish the jailbreak process, you will have access on Cydia and you are free to install Siri and use it as your personal assistant.

The Siri port is available for the following devices:

- iPhone 4G;

- iPhone 3G;

- iPod Touch 4G;

- iPod Touch 3G;

- iPad 1;

If you want to install Siri on your device, you should follow the following steps: Continue reading “Install Spire Free Siri Proxy Server for iPhone 4, 3GS” »


How to install Siri on iPhone 4, 3GS with Spire Tweak

You all know that Siri, the voice recognition assistant is an exclusive feature for iPhone 4S and of course for the just released iPhone 5. However you can install Siri on iPhone 4 and 3GS thanks to some smart developers. Siri was something new, something that everybody wanted especially due to its impressive features and skills. Since not everybody affords to buy a brand new iPhone 5 or 4S, especially those users who are committed to a 2-year contract on various carriers, developers have worked hardly to find a way to port the personal assistant on older iOS devices such as iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. Fortunately, now it is easy to install Siri on iPhone 4 and 3GS with the help of Spire tool. However, this method is intended exclusively for jailbroken devices.

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In order to be able to install Siri on iPhone 4, 3GS, you need to jailbreak your device first. Just head on to our Jailbreak Guides section and you will find there some simple step-by-step tutorials on how to jailbreak your iDevice with various tools. After this, you will have access over Cydia Store where you can find Spire. This tweak will grant you access to the most desirable voice recognition system at the moment. The thing about Spire tweak is that it offers only Siri GUI. Continue reading “How to install Siri on iPhone 4, 3GS with Spire Tweak” »