How to Enable iOS 7 Hidden Settings on iPhone 5S and iPad Air Using HiddenSettings7

All new devices have plenty of new options and features that can hardly wait for you to discover them. However, some of them might be quite hidden from common eyes, so most users will need a little bit of support in this respect. The HiddenSettings7 tweak offers plenty of great cool iOS 7 settings hidden by Apple from the view of the end user.

Released last week, HiddenSettings7 has soon followed by an update complete with full support and compatibility for the 64-bit processor of the iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad mini. As some of you already know, at its launch, the tweak offered only compatibility for older devices, but now, the update brings full support for the Retina-display A7 devices.

HiddenSettings7 for iOS 7 customization Continue reading “How to Enable iOS 7 Hidden Settings on iPhone 5S and iPad Air Using HiddenSettings7” »


Enable Automatic Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Dim Brightness on iOS 7 When Battery is Low

A long-life battery on your smartphone might seem like an impossible thing to for most of us, especially when we have so many features and options available. In the same time, battery saving and power monitoring apps and tweaks are quite popular on Cydia store. Moreover, in this respect, I am sure that you will want to try out this amazing new app: BatterySafe.

The tweak for jailbroken devices is quite simple, and it monitors the current levels of internal battery. As some of you might already know, the Fruit Company offers user-facing warnings when your battery level reaches 20% and 5%. However, these warnings are actually just visual messages, and they do not offer any other support for changing this problem.

BatterySafe Tweak to Save battery

In what concerns BatterySafe, the tweak tries to warn users through a couple of steps in order to offer some time in order for users to have the possibility to change some things and to perform specific actions based on the low-level battery warnings. However, the tweak also has the power to switch off certain power hungry services. Continue reading “Enable Automatic Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Dim Brightness on iOS 7 When Battery is Low” »


iOS 6 Jailbreak Tool Evasion Presented at HITB 2013 in Amsterdam

As you know, the Evad3rs team released the Evasion jailbreak tool capable of offering support for iOS 6 jailbreak. As soon as the iOS 6 firmware version was released, the jailbreak team revealed the possibility to jailbreak in an untethered manner all iOS 6 devices using Evasion.

The team as been present to the international HITB Security Conference held in Amsterdam. Pod2g, Planetbeing, MuscleNerd and Pimskeks, the founding members of the Evad3rs team presented their work in a slideshow presentation called “Swiping Through Modern Security Features”. The slideshow presentation was meant to present the complexity of the jailbreak process in a clear view. In the same time, the slides are available online for anyone to see download and take a deeper look.

EVad3rs's Evasion tool at HITB, Amsterdam

For those of you who do not know, the HITB or the Hack In The Box conference held in Amsterdam in 2013 is an annual event where some of the most intriguing and talented hackers and security experts gather to discuss and share discoveries, details and insights. In the same time, hackers present their recent discoveries in what concerns apps, programs, software and tools. Continue reading “iOS 6 Jailbreak Tool Evasion Presented at HITB 2013 in Amsterdam” »


iOS 6.1.3 Jailbreak Exploits Reportedly Found by P0sixninja

The jailbreak community never rests in developing useful tools for performing jailbreak on our iDevices. Along with the release of iOS 6, the Evad3rs team offered us the Evasion tool. Soon after the OS was updated to iOS 6.1.2, Evasion was also updated. However, in what concerns the latest iOS 6.1.3 released by Apple in order to fix the Passcode bug and the long boot time, jailbreak developers faced themselves in the difficulty of finding a proper jailbreak tool.

iOS 6.1.3 Jailbreak Exploits

One of the most notable figures in the jailbreak community and namely Joshua Hill, also known among jail breakers as P0sixninja, suggested the fact that he might be the only one developing the next jailbreak tool. He confirmed the fact that he has everything he needs order to release the future jailbreak. The jailbreak developer has all necessary exploits required for developing the new jailbreak.

All these details were confirmed by the jailbreak developer on his personal Twitter account. Within his first tweet, Joshua Hill claimed that the future new jailbreak would be entirely his own masterpiece. This argument was followed by a second tweet suggesting the fact that he has found the needed exploits for the new jailbreak without any help. Continue reading “iOS 6.1.3 Jailbreak Exploits Reportedly Found by P0sixninja” »


Evasion 6.1.3 Jailbreak Patched with iOS 6.1.3

As you know, iOS 6.1.3 update was released by Apple yesterday in order to fix the Lockscreen Passcode bug, and it brings several Maps enhancements in the Japan region. As it was predicted, the update contains patches for Evasion exploits used to perform jailbreak on iOS 6 devices.

iOS 6.1.3 kills Evasion jailbreak

With the iOS 6 released, users were happy because they were able to perform an untethered jailbreak on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using Evasion jailbreak tool. As you know, when Evasion was revealed, the Evaders team confirmed the fact that the tool uses several security exploits in order to perform an untethered jailbreak. And now, with the new update that patches some of these exploits, we still do not know if we will be able to perform jailbreak in the future on our iOS 6.1.3 devices.

Recently, MuscleNerd sent a tweet confirming what we already know; the fact that the new update released by Apple kills the untethered jailbreak performed by Evasion. He also mentioned the fact that the kernel is available for iPhone 3GS and later, iPod Touch 4th generation and later, iPad 3 and later. Continue reading “Evasion 6.1.3 Jailbreak Patched with iOS 6.1.3” »


Jailbreak Tweak YourTube Now with Support for iOS 6

Everybody is familiar with YouTube these days. However, just to remind you, YouTube is a huge video platform where people can watch or upload new videos. It is a place where you can share what you like with your friends. The jailbreak tweak YourTube is the perfect way in which users are able to connect their iDevices with the best videos. Now, YourTube tweak has been updated, and it offers support for the new iOS 6.

YourTube Tweak Updated

YourTube, developed by the CocoaNuts team, is a simple tweak available in Cydia Store, which offers you the possibility to see YouTube videos and to download them on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to play them later. The tweak presents an easy interface, which resembles pretty much as the official YouTube application. Continue reading “Jailbreak Tweak YourTube Now with Support for iOS 6” »


Evasi0n 1.5.2 Jailbreak Tool for iOS 6.1.2 Updated | Features New Language Support

With over 20 million devices jailbroken using Evasi0n, the jailbreak tool has gained its popularity among users of all ages. As with any other tool, there were problems and bugs. In this respect, the jailbreak developers tried to fix any problem concerning the already-famous jailbreak tool. Now, Evasi0n 1.5.2 jailbreak tool for iOS 6.1.2 is updated, and it features new language support.

Evasion 1.5.2, download Evasion 1.5.2, Evasi0n 1.5.2

With the new iOS 6 released on the market, people waited for a jailbreak tool as well. When the Evad3rs team presented Evasi0n, the jailbreak tool, everybody started untethered iOS 6 jailbreak on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. As iOS 6 encountered some notable bugs and Apple updated their firmware in order to fix all those problems, so was Evasi0n updated in order to be compatible with the new iOS. In the past, users complained about Cydia packages issues, long booting time or many other problems. The Evad3rs upgraded their tool as well, and each one of these problems was solved. Continue reading “Evasi0n 1.5.2 Jailbreak Tool for iOS 6.1.2 Updated | Features New Language Support” »


Download Installous iOS 6.1 Apps Alternatives – Repos

As some of you already know, the famous Hackulous repo who offered us the famous Installous apps in order to download free apps from Cydia Store, is no longer working. This is terrible news especially for those of you who recently started jailbreak their iOS 6.1 devices, and they are eager to download free App Store apps and tweaks. Fortunately, for this, we have several Installous iOS 6.1 apps alternatives to try out. Therefore, if you want to download Installous iOS 6.1 apps alternatives and repos, you are in the right place.

Installous iOS 6.1 App Alternatives

Since Hackulous is no longer working, people need to find suitable alternatives to find what they need. These new alternatives will allow you to download cracked apps and tweaks on your device, just as Installous did in the past. However, in order to install any of these apps or tweaks, you need first to start jailbreak on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Fortunately, for this, users are able to use Evasion, the jailbreak tool in order to perform an untethered jailbreak on their devices.

Here are some great Installous iOS 6.1 apps alternatives you can try out on your device:

- AppCake

- HIPstore

- vShare

- IPAstore Continue reading “Download Installous iOS 6.1 Apps Alternatives – Repos” »


How To Fix Weather App Not Working after Evasion Jailbreak

Along with the untethered jailbreak tool offered by the Evad3rs team, some people encountered several problems after performing the process. In some cases, Cydia was not working properly while for others, the weather service failed after the Evasion jailbreak. Therefore, if you encountered the last issue, and you want to know how to fix weather app not working after Evasion jailbreak, then you are in the right place.

Weather app error after Evasion Jailbreak

I am sure that many of you want to know the local weather forecast at one point, and in this case, you definitely want to fix this annoying problem. Apparently, this problem appears after the Evasion jailbreak performed on iOS 6.1 devices and the official installation solution is offered through Cydia. Follow the next steps in order to solve the weather problem from your iDevice.

1. The first step is about running a script directly on your device in order to force it to rebuild the corrupt file concerning the weather app not working issue from your iOS device. Go to Cydia, search for the OpenSSH package and install it on your device. Continue reading “How To Fix Weather App Not Working after Evasion Jailbreak” »


Best Cydia Repos / Sources for iOS 6.1 Jailbreak Apps

Cydia is an unlimited spring with apps and tweaks for our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Until now, we were not able to use Cydia Store as we wanted on our iOS 6.1 devices due to the lack of a proper untethered jailbreak tool. But now, with Evasion, we are able to perform an untethered jailbreak on iOS 6.1 devices, and this includes all Apple devices. Along with the arrival of the iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak, you can finally start searching for the best Cydia repos/sources for iOS 6.1 jailbreak apps.

best cydia repos, besy cydia sources, cydia sources. cydia reposBefore you start to download all those great Cydia apps and tweaks, you need to find some proper Cydia repos or sources to add them to Cydia. Beside the native Cydia repos, users have the possibility to add alternative sources. In this respect, I want to show you a short list containing some of the best Cydia repos or sources for iOS 6.1 jailbreak apps.

1. BiteYourApple, the first Cydia source added in the Best Cydia repos list, represents a great place to find a wide variety of apps, mods or ringtones for your iPhone. In the same time, this source can provide you some valuable iOS 6.1 jailbreak apps for your iPhone 5. So, here you can find apps and tweaks such as Springtomize, iBlackList, iFile, Inifniboard, Infinidock, Infinifolders or Dreamboard. Some of these apps are pretty famous among jailbreakers. Continue reading “Best Cydia Repos / Sources for iOS 6.1 Jailbreak Apps” »