Cases Makers Gamble on the New iPad Launch

As Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference is next week, the buzz seems to be at an all-time high with everyone waiting to see what the company will be unveiling.

Almost All case makers have a well-known custom represented by gambling on upcoming iOS product launches. In the world of third-party Apple accessory makers, it is very important to be among the first to release a product, as every day they can have their product on the shelves closer to launch represents a day they are much better than their rivals.

Therefore, according to recent news, the owners of two companies that make protective cases for portable devices believe Apple will unveil a new iPad next week, belief which lead to unveiling the cases for the rumored Apple device, on Thursday morning.


Tim Hickman and David Adam, co-owners of case makers Hard Candy and Gumdrop designed the cases recently unveiled, based on leaked images and information that has hit the Web over the last few months.

It is well-known the fact that Hard Candy Cases gambled on iPhone 4S moldings from China, to get their cases first-to-market, losing $50,000. The problem appeared when the iPhone 4S debuted because it looked identical to the 4, instead of the radical redesign the case makers expected.

It seems that a similar betting is happening again. However, this time the situation appears to be different as it is known and accepted what the iPad 5 will look like, so the gambling does not seem as risky as it was before. The only problem is that as analysts predicted, the chances for the iPad 5 to be announced at WWDC next are almost inexistent.

Even though Hickman did not say who his sources were, but he was confident enough to start producing new cases for the iPad 5 and put them up for pre-order.

Therefore, although nothing can be said for sure until the WWDC begins, this morning Gumdrop cases made public the images for their iPad 5 case, stating that the rugged case will be available on June 10th, right after Apple announces the iPad 5. Cases will be available in a variety of colors and styles, with prices ranging from $34.95 to $59.95.

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