Cancel iOS App Updates During Download with CancelUpdate

All Apple iOS devices are set to update their apps automatically. For some people, this might be quite at hand while, for others, it can be really annoying. There are some cases when the automatic update is not that helpful. For example, when you want to keep a native app in the current version, there is no way to do so.

In this respect, if you want to avoid this entire situation, there is a tweak for that. As usual, Cydia download Store comes to help you. The tweak is called CancelUpdate as it might be expected.

CancelUpdate tweak

The free jailbreak tweak called CancelUpdate created by iOS developer Plipala is now available, and it allows users to easily cancel the installation of an application update. This process can be easily performed by tapping on the X button that appears when you put your device into the jiggle mode.

In the same time, when users tap the respective button, they will get an alert that reminds them that the downloading progress will be lost if you choose to cancel the update. At this point, users will have to choose whether they want to cancel the update or to proceed with the downloading process.

However, it is worth mentioning the fact that you will have to be really quickly if you want to catch the respective application before it finishes downloading and installing. This action depends on the type of internet connection. As you might think, on faster Wi-Fi networks might become an impossible job.

Once the CancelUpdate is installed, there are no settings to configure. However, having downloading CancelUpdate, you can cancel updates using the same close-box method you would normally use if you were deleting a certain app.

Being a pretty useful tweak, CancelUpdate is not the kind of feature to use on a daily basis. However, when you have it installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch, you will see its usefulness. For those who are interested in downloading and installing CancelUpdate, as it was mentioned earlier, the tweak is free of charge, and it can be found within the BigBoss repo in Cydia Store.

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