CameraTweak App to Improve Camera Performances on iPhone and iPad

Everybody enjoys taking photos using their iPhone or in some cases, their iPad. You can now immortalize the best moments of your life and then share them with your friends. If you find yourself in this category, then I am sure that you will definitely enjoy the CameraTweak App to improve camera performances on your iPhone or iPad.

CameraTweak app for Camera feature

This great tweak is exactly what you need to take amazing photos and to capture the most important moments. It will also bring you many new features and options in order to transform your own photos into masterpieces. The tweak will add new features to the native Camera app and you will definitely notice the difference.

Here are some of the most important features that the CameraTweak app is offering you for the Camera mode:

–  Separate Focus and Exposure View. This means that you will be able to manually adjust the focus and the exposure as you please. The native camera feature does this automatically, but now, you are able to set focus on a certain part of the picture while adjusting the exposure for a different part.

Timer mode feature. Probably you all know what this means. You can set an amount of time before your device snaps a photo. This is great when you want to capture everybody in the same photo. When the Timer mode is on, the iPhone will take only one picture.

Lapse Timer Mode. Even though sounds pretty much the same as the Timer mode feature, the main difference between these two features is the fact that Lapse Timer mode allows you to take multiple pictures with a certain time interval between them.

Composition overlays. With the help of this great feature, you will be able to set composition to your photos in a way in which the focus line will be mainly on the subject.

In what concerns the video camera mode, CameraTweak app also has some new features I would like to mention.

Separate Focus and Exposure views. While using the video camera feature, we can also separate focus and adjust exposure on different parts of the photo.

Frame rate settings. This feature will allow you to set a custom frame rate for your videos. The frame rate will decrease or increase the quality of your videos. A higher frame means a higher quality.

Resolution settings. Using the CameraTweak app to improve camera performance, you will be able to set the resolution while taking videos at various aspect ratios.

A common feature for the Photo mode and for the Video camera mode is the fact that you have the possibility to adjust the white balance for a certain photo or video if you like. All these features are available right in the Camera feature.

In the last part, I want to mention the fact that the CameraTweak app to improve camera performances on iPhone and iPad is a jailbreak tweak and if you want to get it, you need to jailbreak your device. It can be found on Cydia Store for only $0.99 and it is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S running on iOS 5 or later.

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