Buying and Selling Second-Hand iTunes Content Patented for Apple Users

We are living in the digital area, where is all about buying or renting goods on the internet. However, the thing with digital goods is the fact that you cannot resell them once you get tired of them. In this concern, Apple considered that reselling iTunes content such as music, videos or TV shows between different Apple users will turn out to be pretty convenient for their own marketplace.

Apple iTunes Second-Hand Market

When users move certain digital contents from one platform to another, they create a second hand market. However, they were not able to do such thing on iTunes in the past. A few days ago, Apple patented a system for buying and selling digital goods within the iTunes service. In this respect, any user will be able to sell or to buy second hand music, books, software or movies via different online methods. The Apple iTunes service is one of the most extended platforms for buying entertainment data, and now Apple plans to transform it in a 2nd-hand digital market.

Along with this patented system, users are able move certain content to other users, along with the right of playing the respective content. In the same way, the authentication to play that content will be switched from seller to buyer. A part of the money received from selling a certain digital good will go to the copyright holder. In this way, when you are tired of listening a certain song, you will be easily able to transfer/sell it to another user within the electronic marketplace. However, the original owner will not be able to access the content after he sells it. In the same time, he is allowed to set some restrictions concerning the maximum price, the number of sales of the type of buyer.

Along with this major change for Apple iTunes, Amazon also decided to patent such system in what concerns its goods. What is different with Amazon is the fact that the system allows offers the ability of locking down certain content after it has been moved from various buyers. In this respect, the number of sales both for Apple and for Amazing will definitely increase substantially. However, until this new patched system of selling and buying second hand iTunes content will be revealed on the market, Apple still needs confirmation and approval from the copyright holders of each digital good.

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