Budget iPhone 5C Released: Features, Specs, Price

Along with the iPhone 5S, the Cupertino-based company also released a cheap, budget handset. The alleged device bears the name of iPhone 5C, and after months of speculations and rumors, users finally have all of the official details.

Apple unveils the new budget iPhone 5c in green, blue, red, yellow and white starting at the price of $99, and launching on September 20. The multi-colored iPhone 5S was made official by Apple on Tuesday and it is packing a 4-inch Retina display, A6 processor, and hard-coated polycarbonate body in five different colors.

Apple releases iPhone 5C

In what concerns the hardware part, its features are the same, or at least similar to the current iPhone 5, including its 8MP camera, iSight camera and black glass front. According to Phil Schiller, the iPhone 5c “It’s made with all the incredible technology of the iPhone 5”.


As it was mentioned earlier, the iPhone 5C comprises a polycarbonate finish to the rear, and it arrives in a variety of colors such as green, yellow, blue, white and red. The home button remains in the bottom center offering the same functionality as it always has, but now, the volume button sit on the left-hand side. In fact, the iPhone 5c is very similar to iPhone 5, but certain details mark lower price characteristic.


The main camera, as the processor is the same as the iPhone 5’s. It offers the same 8 MP experience that users already accustomed. The front-facing camera shoots 720 p HD, and even if it is not comparable to the rear camera, it does its job when used to FaceTime.


The battery of iPhone 5c has also been improved, and it is expected to help users enjoy more of their device. While some devices offer 3000mAh, the iPhone 5 was satisfied users with their day-to-day usage. The iPhone 5c should sustain a full day on a full charge.

Price and Accessibility

As the name points out, the budget iPhone 5C is supposed to be less expensive that regular Apple handsets. The iPhone 5C will be available in 16 GB for $99 with a new two-year service contract. The 32 GB model will reach up to $199 with a contract subsidy. Preorders will begin on September 13.

Its lower price will definitely help Apple improve its relations with the worldwide public in order to reach different marketplaces. The polycarbonate-backed device will help the Cupertino based company in developing markets such as China.

With the iPhone 5c, Apple wanted to surpass the general problem that is to be found within many plastic smartphones. The lack of rigidity when compared to metal devices such as the iPhone 5, its replacement and the iPhone 5S, it is highly visible. In order to overcome this problem, the Fruit Company has used a new construction method that adds a steel reinforced sub-structure to a hard-coated polycarbonate shell.

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