Breathometer Incorporates Breathalyzer with Apple’s iPhone!

Today, the campaign for the Breathometer came into being. Breathometer, Inc. has recently started an Indiegogo campaign for this interesting device. People who believed that this accessory would be useful, for themselves or their acquaintances, began donating $20 or above, in order to get a Breathometer unit at the latest by January 2014. The delivery time depends on the contributions, being able to improve as the donation scales up. At this moment, the accessory is anticipated to begin shipping in the summer of 2013.

For all people who do not know what exactly the Breathometer is, allow me to inform you that this is a fascinating and beneficial accessory that can help you live a safer life. It can be plugged into the Apple iPhone, in order to let users realize whether they, or somebody else, consumed too much alcohol.

The small-sized device functions combined with a mobile application, measuring the alcohol concentration (BAC) that exists in the user’s blood. The action of using the Breathometer is uncomplicated: The user just plugs the device into the headphone jack of the smartphone and smoothly breaths into it.




The Breathometer Is Expected to Have Amazing Features!

This stunning device allows calculating the amount of time needed before the user is capable of driving again, being able to communicate when the BAC is going down. In addition to these features, the Breathometer is anticipated to have even more intriguing characteristics, one of them being an extra option to call a taxi, only by pushing a button.

The Breathometer’s size allows it to be attached to a keychain or to be put into the user’s pocket. This makes it easily portable for all people who believe they might need it. The Breathometer is compatible with n iPhone application available on Apple App Store, and, in addition to that, it is expected to be also compatible with Android devices via corresponding Google Play software.

The Breathometer’s founder and CEO, Charles Michael Yim, stated that the reason why this device has been created is, not only to try eliminating the risks involved by drinking and driving, but also to assist people when making choices. Therefore, this is more than an accessory that plugs into Apple iPhone and lets users know if they or someone else has had one too many to drink; the Breathometer can help them make smarter and safer choices!

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