Why Does BMW Reject Apple’s ‘iOS in the Car’ ?

At WWDC, Apple revealed iOS in the Car as being part of the many amazing features of the iOS 7. iOS in the Car was said to be a service which would take iPhone integration with cars to a new level.

As stated at the WWDC, not only that it will allow drivers to access their iPhone from a dashboard screen, but it will also have Siri integration, maps and messages, and even 3rd party apps like Twitter and Wikipedia, integrated.

Twelve important car makers including Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Ferrari, Chevy, Infiniti and Jaguar seemed eager to support this new features as Apple announced.


What surprised many was the fact that BMW did not appear on this list, although the car maker has always been quick to build integration with Apple products into its vehicles.

Therefore, even though BMW was one of the first car companies that offered iPod integration and the company already announced the fact that it will be integrating Siri Eyes Free mode into all of its 2014 cars, the car maker’s representatives declared that the company will not be supporting Apple’s new “iOS in the Car” functionality as the BMW officials were unwilling to change their cars in order to suit Apple’s requirements for iOS integration.

The reason why the car maker does not want to say “yes” to the process for integrating iOS into a car’s dashboard is because of the complexity architectural changes that are necessary in order to bring iOS to the BMW dashboard. Therefore, the company prefers to be sticking with its iDrive and ConnectedDrive interfaces.

Moreover, not only that the BMW models will not see iOS in the Car in the short to mid-term, but, as stated by the BMW spokesperson, because the interfaces that are put into their vehicles are planned out in advance, having iOS in the Car is practically impossible also in the next few years.

However, the company does not seem to believe that not working with Apple’s iOS in the Car will put BMW at a competitive disadvantage, stating that BMW is class-leading, compared with what other manufacturers have to offer.

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