BlackBerry Encounters Difficulties in Competing with iOS, Android, or Even Windows Phone

This week, the Blackberry CEO, Thorsten Heins asserted that Apple’s iOS has an outdated platform; therefore, the competing platforms, like Blackberry for instance, have surpassed it, because as he said, Apple has not succeeded in innovating much with the iOS user interface since 2007 and because the rate of innovation is extremely high in the smartphone industry. That means innovation needs speed in order to avoid being replaced pretty quickly.

However, according to a new prediction made by the research team Gartner, the Blackberry 10 operating system is anticipated to have an insignificant effect on the smartphone industry in the next years.


Blackberry Faces Complications

The prediction projected that Blackberry10 will hold even less that 5% of all worldwide smartphone market through 2016, having enormous difficulties in defying the existent options of Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.

The problem that appears is if Blackberry’s the new platform is competent enough to motivate the buyer to adopt BlackBerry instead of the platforms they already know. The choice users will make depends, not only on how convincing BlackBerry’s marketing will be, but also on the amount of money the company can spend in order to attract the users in favor of a BB10 device.

The main counsel, when it comes to Blackberry 10 is regarding its fledging platform, and it refers to the fact that it should be trialed before being adopted. The firm is conscious of the reality that in order to amaze its users in regards to this platform, it has to pass a considerable challenge.

BlackBerry encounters problems in supporting popular master data management tools because it has not opened its management application programming interface. Therefore, it has been emphasized the fact that Blackberry should begin working on supporting substitute MDM tools by opening up additional MDM APIs as the only programing device is Blackberry Enterprise Service 10. Additional MDM APIs would provide both Microsoft’s Exchange Active Sync and the MDM camps with an easier path to support BB10 gadgets even though it is only through a BYOD program.

There had been an affirmation that emphasized the fact that BlackBerry phones had eclipsed the iPhone when it comes to the ability to multi-task, meaning that users could work in the same fashion on their smartphone as they liked to on a laptop. Therefore, Apple finds itself in the position of choosing whether it is time to speed up its release cycle of new iPhones.

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