BlackBerry CEO Criticized Apple’s iPhone User Interface

The fact that since its first release, in 2007, the iPhone’s interface had not been modified, having an identical grid of icons, made the Blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins attack the Apple device in an interview offered for the Australian Financial Review.

Heins asserted that, although he has an undeniable respect for the iPhone as it maintained Blackberry largely irrelevant in the smartphone market, due to its assertive position for numerous years, the device has lost much of the large lead considering the lack of innovation. In other words, Apple did a remarkable job with the interface, being a design icon, but, as the rate of innovation is extremely high in the phone industry, the companies should innovate rapidly, in order to avoid being replaced in the market.


The IPhone Appears to Be Outdated                                

Wanting to be as clear as possible, Heins emphasized the fact that the iPhone’s interface is five years old. In addition to this statement, he also pointed out that Blackberry 10 offers users a multi-tasking experience that appears to be better than iOS, helping users to work in the same fashion on their smartphone as they liked to on a laptop. It seems that Blackberry’s ambition is to mount a comeback off of its new BlackBerry 10 interface and new handsets.

On that account, not only that the BlackBerry chief executive officer has stated that the promptly accelerating global smartphone market has left Apple iPhone in its wake, he also anticipated that his company would have 100,000 native apps available for its Z10 devices in time for the US launch later this week.

To complete his point of view, Heins affirmed that due to the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is one of the reason why Apple lack of innovation has been emphasized, as well. Besides Samsung, other phone makers, such as HTC and Nokia have also inspired industry observers with the quality of their top-end smartphones. Their innovations conducted to questions in regards to whether Apple necessitates to increase speed when it comes to releasing new models of iPhones.

There are many criticizing the fact that the Apple has been refining the iOS without changing the fundamentals such as the familiar home screen, the grid of icons or the Notification Center alerts, and there are also many Apple fans who might believe it is time to change the user interface entirely. However, the inclusion of a five-year-old interface does not appear to have hurt the iPhone 5’s sales figures.

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