Biometric Scanning Tool for iPhone Developed by AOptix

California-based AOptix revealed AOPtix Status, the biometric scanning tool developed for iPhone which features fingerprints, iris, voice and face recognition. The Status is a hardware peripheral that works on iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, and it contains a fingerprint sensor and an AOPtix iris imaging system.

AOPtix Tool For iPhone

Smartphones offer enormous features and options, but with the right tools and apps, all these features can increase revealing a powerful device. The AOPtix Status app is a wrap-around device that turns the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S into a portable iris, face, fingerprint recognition and voice scanner.

So far, biometric identity scanner has been available only with fixed location solutions, which made it difficult to use since it mobile devices offered only a limited functionality. Now, with the capabilities of the biometric scanning tool and features of the iPhone, the experience might enhance resulting deeper identity solutions.

According to the company, the tool is the “first mobile biometric product built with an open architecture offering flexibility in terms of applications”. With the iPhone camera feature, to capture faces and voice signatures, the extra camera for iris scanner and the embedded fingerprint sensor offers the full package of features.

AOPtix Status app is designed to help the user to determine the distance and create a person’s profile including the iris, voice, face, fingerprints and biographical information. All this data is available only with a single tap of a finger. The tool will launch after the Status is connected and it will be helpful to determine the correct distance at which to stand in front of the capture subject. The device will take a picture automatically.

The whole purpose of the AOPtix tool is to ease the biometrics recognition and make the process mobile. For example, the border agency, the airport security and police enforcement will be able to verify identities in a quick manner, without spending much time with each person.

According to the company officials, if users know how to work with an iPhone, they will certainly know how to work with AOPtix Status tool. The tool is straightforward, safe and easy. The user inserts its iDevice in the tool, plugging it using the 30-pin connector, and then launched the app. Its interface is user-friendly and lets the user register biometrics of the person in front of him. At this point, the all register the GPS coordinates and transmit all the data through the internet connection.

The AOPtix Status tool will reach the market price of $199, and it is available in the App Store starting with today. In the same time, it will provide an SDK capability. In what concerns the peripheral Status MX, the purchase is distinct, and the channel partners will determine its price.

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