Bing-Powered Siri Helps Apple to Remove Google’s Influence

When iOS 7 was introduced at the Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue started his introductory notes by offering details regarding all improvements Siri received.

Apple’s voice personal assistant Siri received deeper device integration, a wider range or source and, the most important,  reliance on Microsoft’s Bing. When iOS 7 will be released for customers this fall, Siri’s UI and overall feature would see a huge change.

With iOS 7, Apple has made its Siri virtual assistant smarter than before, and it has managed to distance itself from Android’s Google by employing Microsoft’s Bing as the service’s default engine. Along with the past removal from Maps service, Google is seeing another significant space between Android and iOS.

Bing-powered Siri within Apple's iOS 7

Another notable feature that Apple’s event has showed is regarding Siri’s voice capabilities along with multiple other changes. When the voice recognition assistant was first launched with iOS 5, it seamed pretty advanced for the time. However, as time has passed, Siri’s style and speech have not changed. On the other hand, Google has launched its own mobile virtual assistant, which appears operate more efficiently with a voice closer to human.

In Apple’s latest version of the operating system, Siri’s voice has been updated and now, it very closely mimics the true speech. In the same time, Apple has added a male voice option, which sounds pretty impressive. According to Cue, Siri will rollout with support for English, French and German while other languages will move to the updated voice capabilities in the future.

Moreover, Apple now allows Siri to access higher functions on certain devices. For instance, Siri will be able to control Bluetooth radios and screen brightness. In the same time, contextual queries have been improved, with new commands such as “Play my last voicemail”.

In the last part, Eddy Cue presented Siri’s deeper integration in the Car, which relies on Siri’s services. Now, drivers can dictate messages, playback music, dial phone numbers and many other useful options by using the Apple service, Eyes Free. While the integration rate is not that high, the executive suggested the fact that almost 95 percent of cars own a type of support for music playback and control for an iOS device.

A number of internet services will be integrated along with the already-mentioned Siri capabilities including Twitter, Wikipedia and Bing Web search. Since Siri was introduced, the personal assistant relied only on Google for providing Internet searches, but with iOS 7, the assistant will use Bing in order to pull results.

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