Best iPhone / iPad Free Apps for iOS 6 / 6.0

When there are millions of tweaks and apps available in App Store and Cydia Store, users might find quite difficult to select the most useful ones. Now, with the release of iOS 6, many people hurried to upgrade their firmware. In this respect, developers hurried to update their tweaks and apps as well. Here you have the best iPhone / iPad apps for iOS 6 gathered in a short top 10.


Twitter – It is one of the most downloaded tweaks because it allows users to connect with their social contacts. It has been updated to support iOS 6 with a faster interface.


Facebook Another social platform that needed some changes in order to work fine with the iOS 6 is Facebook. It has been recently upgraded to version 5.0, and now it offers a quicker, faster and easier access over your social connections.


Springtomize 2 – I do not know if this tweak needs any introduction at all. However, for those of you who are new in this, I want to tell you that this is one of the best iPhone apps available on the market. It offers support for iPad as well and it is the best tweak to use when you want to customize your device.


IntelliScreen X – For customization and accessibility, here you have a great tweak that allows you to compile your Facebook, Twitter or RSS news right in theNotificationCenter. Due to its accessibility and effectiveness, it might be considered one of the best iPhone apps available.


CNN – I know that many of you enjoy reading headlines of their favorite newspapers and this tweak is exactly what you need. It will bring you the most important news right on your device. I know that the iPad experience is different but the 5-inch display of the new iPhone will work just fine.


NYTimes – Since we already discussed about a genuine news source, the NYTimes tweak does pretty much the same thing. You will get the latest news of this award-winning source right on your iPad or iPhone.


Adobe Photoshop Express – This is one of the best iPhone/iPad apps for iOS 6 if you are a photo lover. I know that many of you enjoy taking photos and then editing them in various ways. With the help of this great app, you will be able to add multiple filters in order to make your photos amazing.


Quasar – If you enjoy multitasking and you want to open multiple windows at the same time, you will enjoy Quasar as well. It is one of the best iPhone apps for multitasking and it is quite useful for many of you. It was currently updated to support iOS 6 for iPad or iPhone.


Tube+ – Since the YouTube is no longer a native application for iDevices, some people still enjoy it and choose to download it. Once you have it installed on your iPhone or iPad, you can choose Tube+ for a quicker access to your favorite channels, subscriptions or shares.


Shazam – When you do not know the name of a song or the artist, you have the possibility to find out these details with the help of this simple app. The tweak will provide you the name of the song as well as the name of the artist in several seconds. It has been updated with support for iOS 6.


These were some of the best iPhone/ iPad apps for iOS 6 available on the market. However, many other impressive apps are being updated to support this new firmware. If you want to find out the best iPhone apps to populate your brand new iPhone 5, you can easily check out the App Store or Cydia Store for jailbroken devices.

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