Best Cydia Repos / Sources for iOS 6.1 Jailbreak Apps

Cydia is an unlimited spring with apps and tweaks for our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Until now, we were not able to use Cydia Store as we wanted on our iOS 6.1 devices due to the lack of a proper untethered jailbreak tool. But now, with Evasion, we are able to perform an untethered jailbreak on iOS 6.1 devices, and this includes all Apple devices. Along with the arrival of the iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak, you can finally start searching for the best Cydia repos/sources for iOS 6.1 jailbreak apps.

best cydia repos, besy cydia sources, cydia sources. cydia reposBefore you start to download all those great Cydia apps and tweaks, you need to find some proper Cydia repos or sources to add them to Cydia. Beside the native Cydia repos, users have the possibility to add alternative sources. In this respect, I want to show you a short list containing some of the best Cydia repos or sources for iOS 6.1 jailbreak apps.

1. BiteYourApple, the first Cydia source added in the Best Cydia repos list, represents a great place to find a wide variety of apps, mods or ringtones for your iPhone. In the same time, this source can provide you some valuable iOS 6.1 jailbreak apps for your iPhone 5. So, here you can find apps and tweaks such as Springtomize, iBlackList, iFile, Inifniboard, Infinidock, Infinifolders or Dreamboard. Some of these apps are pretty famous among jailbreakers.

2. The second Cydia source I want to mention is the HackYouriPhone. It is one of the best Cydia sources because it is extraordinary wide, and it contains thousands of apps and tweaks. Here you download SBSettings, biteSMS, CleverPin, FolderLock, FoldersInFolders or Retina Pad.

3. P0dulo source is not that well known, but it is worth to be considered one of the best Cydia Sources for iOS 6.1 jailbreak apps. Here, you can find apps, tweaks, utilities, themes, emulators or ringtones. There are also some famous apps such as Graviboard, BeyondSMS, InfiniFolders, Multiflow or LockScreen to unlock. Once you browse through it, you will see its value.

cydia repos, best cydia repos, best cydia sources

4. Another repo with a great value is the iHacks. It has gained its reputation during time trough its apps, tweaks, HD themes or utilities. Apps to look out for in the iHacks repo: Springtomize 2, Infiniboard, FaceBreak, RetinaPad, AndroidLock XT or Applocker.

5. So, to end my list of the best Cydia repos and sources for iOS 6.1 jailbreak apps, I want to present you the iCauseFX repository. It is rich in valuable and useful content. As you imagine, this repos also offers a wider variety of great and amazing apps such as Unrestrictor, AdBlock, Barrel, LockInfo, Insomnia Pro or UISettings.

After you finished untethered jailbreak for your iOS 6.1, you may want to take a look to the best Cydia Sources and repos for iOS 6.1 jailbreak apps, in order to customize your device by using the best apps and tweaks available in Cydia Store. Some valuable apps and tweaks will help you to make your device more powerful and useful.

#Update: As requested by our faithful users i will enumerate below the URLs for the 5 Cydia repos listed above:

  • iHacks –
  • HackYouriPhone
  • BiteYourApple –
  • P0dulo –
  • iCauseFX –

Latest Comments
  1. Martin

    Feel like giving any URLs?

    • phillip

      LMAOO!!! right??

  2. Gilles

    Yup, after doing some searching, it seems like IcauseFX is down (requests are timing out) and the apps listed are out of date or incompatible with ios 6.x

  3. jimbo

    Where are the links/URLs for these fantastic repos?

    • John


      As requested by you guys, i just made an update of the post and listed all the URLs.

  4. BORKO

    hey guys….installous isn’t working…what app could I use to download apps? and where could I get it from?

    • Feris Smith

      Search appcake on cydia. it might work!

    • ashley


    • Emmanuel González

      appcake sucks!!!! search Vshare the best

    • MajorPain

      get zeusmos from insanelyi repo.. better than installous

  5. Ajit Shrestha

    posix: connection refused error occur in iphone5 while adding repos in cydia

    • DAN

      U can use appcake and vshared both have a good selection of games and apps :)

  6. Mike Ockburns

    This doesn’t make any sense, where do i add the sources

    • DAN

      in cydia… sources > edit > add ”enter url of repo”

  7. Nikki

    Borko- Installous is gone.

    Mike- go to cydia then click manage then source (edit and add repo url)

  8. raul solorzano

    RetinaPAd doesnt work properly on ios 6.1 untethered.
    It causes troubles with cydia and other apps while rendering itselfs.


    I tryied to install foldersinfolders on mi iphone 4gs ios6.1 and now I have an eternal apple.

    I do you can help me now???!!!

  10. Sandeep

    i have added all this repos, how do i get the applications and games.

  11. Tumuruu

    thanks a lot

  12. edris

    i like best surces
    please send to my email

  13. Cj

    What’s the source for SBsettings for evansion 6.1.2 plz

  14. The Villain

    i lately had my ipod device jailbroken. using the jailbreak you receive cydia, winterboard and installous. i’ve downloaded a lot of styles and lockscreen styles but for whatever reason i cant make use of the lockscreen styles however i may use the standard styles. can there be anyway to really make it to ensure that you do not have a lockscreen wallpaper ?

  15. x_blind_x_gamer_x

    or perhaps is the cydia database only restricted to a tiny bit of applications. . .

  16. sick_mick_101

    I’ve an apple iphone (2G) 2.2.1 and also have installer and cydia onto it…Can one still download applications in the application store?

  17. nick s

    I downloaded the ipod device touch 3. software, after i revealed my ipod device discuss that software all of the applications i’d from cydia before wouldn’t show on the house screen, any help?

  18. zaclo

    my ipod device touch 2G is jailbrocken.

    i understand you could have your lockscreen pic as the background behind your applications, but can there be something on cydia which allows you’ve 1 like a lockscreen pic along with a different pic like a background? if that’s the case what is it known as and just how will i have it?

  19. Mike

    Hi men, I simply observed that cydia produced a Terminal file on my small ipod device touch. It turns up much like an application. How do you eliminate it? Thanks!

  20. Pacman

    I wish to buy an application from cydia known as mywi to show my apple iphone right into a mobile hotspot. I simply hooked my phone as much as my computer and observed that itunes had an update. Basically update and re-jailbreak wouldso would I recieve the compensated jailbreak applications back, or perhaps is it simply a loss of revenue?

  21. Xbox Gamer

    I’ve an formally unlocked Apple iphone and I wish to get Cydia. Can there be anyway to obtain without dealing with jail-breaking process cuz so far as I understand, Cydia include jailbreak applications.

  22. Spider Pc

    My ipod device touch is really a 3rd gen ipod device with ios 5.1.1. How do i download cydia along with other 3rd party applications without jailbreaking?


    As title thanks.

    You will find some Cydia programs (not every) that If only to get rid of. How do you remove/un-install them off iphone4 please?


  24. callofduty5123412

    I’ve an apple ipad 2 and that i do not have cydia and that i really really wont to set up installous 4 how do i do this ?

  25. balinderk2000

    For instance does Cydia have applications like small wings, angry wild birds, and fruit ninja, or will they not?

  26. Hayden

    I have to download Cydia, however it states that I have to make use of a different tool on my small computer. Help? :(

  27. PolishPokeyPimp

    And So I lately purchased a apple iphone 2g that’s unlocked with cydia. But whenever I consider adding applications from Itunes it states I want another OS. Can there be anything I’m able to do in order to get applications??? I do not fully realize much about phones and also the tech stuff so any help could be awesome!

  28. dubmecrazy3

    I’ve just lately unlocked my apple iphone using cydia. I’m wondering should you un-install cydia onto it, can you still have the ability to make use of the unlocked phone with any sim?

  29. Scorch Delta-62

    I’ve some files that I wish to placed on my apple iphone, I only understand how to download applications from Cydia, around the apple iphone.

    How do you place the files around the apple iphone from the computer?

  30. shahedC

    I lately downloaded 2 Theme(Complete) applications from Cydia what are Vista and Thereal360 however when i acquired to my winterboard and choose the apple iphone does its normal restart however the applications aren’t using.

    Same applies to a few of the Theme(Sounds) i downloaded aren’t using.

    When i mentioned above i curently have winterboard and despite the fact that i am ticking it still it does not apply.

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