Belkin’s Ultimate Keyboard Case Is Now Available Online

Recently the availability of a breakthrough new iPad keyboard case was announced. The Ultimate Keyboard Case is the latest iPad accessory that has a versatile magnetic stand which makes using it in a variety of orientations possible. Currently, the keyboard can be pre-ordered by all customers who are interested, at, or it can be purchased at select retail locations in May.

In other words, the amazing keyboard, gives the iPad all of the functionality that a laptop already has, while maintaining the sleek appeal of a tablet. Having the inclusion of a magnetic stand allows for three different positions for typing, letting users choose their own optimal viewing arrangement.

At this moment, Belkin’s Ultimate Keyboard Case is believed to reinvent the iPad user experience, being the slimmest and lightest keyboard folio of its kind on the market, and having a keyboard that is just 6.4mm thin, and it weighs 17 ounces.


What is extremely convenient is that, for example, when watching movies or reading, the users are able to fold flat and hide the Belkin Keyboard, In addition to this possibility, the keyboard automatically shuts off, offering instant access to the iPad’s onscreen keyboard and saving battery life, when it is not in use.

In addition, the fantastic keyboard offers a fully protective back cover, specially created for keeping your iPad safe from scratches, scuffs and every day wear. Not only these, but Belkin also built the Ultimate Keyboard Case with SoundFlow design. This way, audio clarity is enhanced and the sound is directed toward the user, making watching movies or playing games greater experiences.

The incredible keyboard has many other notable features, such as well-spaced, TruType keys for comfortable, laptop-like typing experience, making quick work of emails, word processing, messaging, and other typing-intensive work easy. In addition, the keyboard also offers auto-awake magnets that wake up your iPad when opened shortcut keys for easy media management, as well as the Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity.

Regarding the battery, it is essential to know that the Ultimate Keyboard Case has 160-hour battery life under constant use, and 6-month standby battery life. Rechargeable battery uses included Micro USB cable.

The Ultimate Keyboard Case is available in two color options: black ($99.99) and white ($129.99). It is compatible with the iPad 2, the third-generation iPad, and the fourth-generation iPad. At stated above, Belkin’s Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad is available for pre-order sale online, at this moment, and will be available at select retailers in May.

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