Banned Content Removed From App Store in China

With all recent media attacks and the apology letter, Apple is still under direct attack in China. The Chinese market does not seem to be pretty open for the towering Cupertino-Based company moreover after the warranty issue and customer support policy.

However, after various lawsuits intended against the big Fruit Company, now Apple has decided to try a different method for apologizing to the Chinese customers. After rigorous approach, Apple has decided to remove illegal content from its local App Store in order to build a stronger and reliable app database especially designed for the Chinese people.

Banned Apps from iTunes in China

Tim Cook’s company sent an official letter to Hao Peiqiang, developer of bookstore app called jingdian shucheng explaining that his book application contains and offers access to three different books by Wang Lixiong, a controversial author and activist highly debatable in China. According to the App Store Review Guidelines, “Apps must comply with all legal requirements in any location where they are made available to users. It is the developer’s obligation to understand and conform to all local laws.” The reason for removal is that the app includes content is illegal in China.

Therefore, all illegal and debatable content for a certain country must be banned and removed from the App Store if the content threats in a way or another a country’s policy.

The author has questioned the demand mostly because his app was allowed to function in China for the past two months. The app contains ten book titles, including the three already mentioned books, which are banned in China. However, the app was not removed from the App Store outside China.

This might represent another notable move for the Apple Company after the apology letter sent by Tim Cook to its Chinese customers, which has proved its efficiency at least in the media concern. In this way, Apple might ease its way to the wide Chinese market, which already represents the third largest smartphone customer.

According to Jeremy Goldkorn, Apple is using iTunes as an impressive Trojan horse of foreign content that can implement various banned content within a country without even asking. However, the government is focusing its attention on all content, which might injure the security of the country. Goldkorn also states the fact that Apple still needs to revise its foreign content available throughout the iTunes service, mostly when the government does not approve it.

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