AT&T Adds Apple’s iPhone to GoPhone Prepaid Lineup

One of largest carriers in US, AT&T plans to include the iPhone in its GoPhone program. Apple’s most famous handset will be added to the list of devices customers can buy through its GoPhone prepaid brand, along with the activation of 4G LTE and HSPA+ support for the service.

All iPhone owners are not able to use all those attractive benefits that the AT&T prepaid GoPhone is offering. For those Apple fans that waited so far to purchase an iPhone, now, with AT&T’s prepaid lineup system, iPhone owners will get access of the 4G LTE and HSPA+ networks. More precisely, starting with Friday, GoPhone customers who activated an iPhone will be able to access data over the network.

AT&T GoPhone Prepaid service for iPhone

While iPhone owners were able to use the prepaid service for some time, the terms never allowed them to gain access over the data network. This transformed many of the Apple handset’s capabilities pretty useful.

According to AT&T, the company is planning to transform the GoPhone lineup into something even bigger. The world’s second largest carrier plans to develop a larger expansion of its services, which will start taking place on Friday. As it was stated before, this is the time when AT&T will start offering prepaid customers access to its LTE and HSPA+ data network for the first time.

In what concerns the price topic, prices for all smart handsets will be arranged into three separate packages. At the top is the $65 per month plan, which describes an unlimited calling and 1 GB of data. Concerning the other two plans, $50 and respectively $25 plan, represent the monthly charge for voice plans, but they will require an add-on fee for data.

As far as the existing iPhone owners at AT&T are concerned, the customers will automatically be updated with data access on June 21, despite the fact that they have the possibility to upgrade to the new service manually.

As a bonus feature for GoPhone clients, AT&T also releases the Visual Voicemail for iPhone and 4G device owners. Visual Voicemail allows users to see a list of all their voicemails and pick the ones they want to hear or delete.

On the other hand, other smaller regional carriers such as Virgin Mobile or Cricket Wireless try their best in order to compete with the bigger fish in what concerns the iPhone offerings. For example, the first carrier offered a 15 percent discount for iPhone 5 purchased made through its site. The second carrier helped raise the handset’s marketplace after kicking off sales last year.

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