Are We Stuck with Mobile 4G Communications until 2020?

Although the already existing 4G networks for mobile devices does not have unlimited global reach, yet, it appears that the mobile companies began working on the 5G technology. Therefore, according to recent news, Samsung promised that it will offer 5G wireless, stating that it has developed the “world’s first” adaptive array transceiver, which can deliver 5G speeds in the 28Ghz frequency at 1.06 Gbps. In addition, they claim that they will be transmitting data in the millimeter wave band to a distance of two kilometers.

Additional information says that users will apparently be able to enjoy speeds several hundred times higher and “practically without limitation.” Not only that, but it seems that subscribers would not be encountering any limitations or streaming issues when trying to send and receive ultra-high-definition (UHD) content and games.


Still, the “5G” icon atop your mobile gadget, should not be expected very soon, as Samsung does not predict the commercialization of the technology until at least 2020. However, once commercialized, 5G mobile communications technology is expected to be able of ultra-high-speed data transmission which will be hundred times faster than even the 4G LTE-Advanced technology.

The Korean organization is not the only company or group trying to pursue 5G technology, the competition for technology leadership in next-generation mobile communications development becoming incredibly fierce. It has been made public that China established a 5G research group in Feb. 2012. In addition, the EU is investing 50 million Euros to bring 5G to market also by 2020.

High data transmission rates are the best selling points for the rapidly developing wireless smartphone carriers, as well as important mobile device makers like Samsung and Apple. The announcement Samsung made, regarding this future development, seems to be emphasizing the highly long-term risks to Apple. The truth is that this news highlights the fact that Samsung is working on inventing something new while Apple does not appear to be revealing anything.

However, Samsung’s announcement is not the fastest wireless transmission of its kind, as in February, NTT DoCoMo revealed the fact that it had successfully induced a 10Gbps wireless test in Japan last year using a 11GHz band.

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