Is Apple Maps App Back on Track?

Almost a year ago Apple received a great number of complaints regarding an update of Maps. At this moment, it appears that, although there have been made some improvements, they are still behind when it comes to features, functionality, accuracy, and the overall state of mapping technology.

A very well-known problem appeared from the beginning. When Apple Maps, announced with the iPhone 5 in June 2012, was found to be undercooked. Therefore, as the Maps showed that Auckland’s main train station had been moved out to sea, Dublin had a new airport among the downtown shops and, in Flyover mode, Brooklyn Bridge seemed to have melted, Apple received many critics.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook’s apologies appeared without a delay, and Google Maps were restored to the App Store with the promise that Apple Maps would be set straight.


Apple seems to be working hard behind the scenes, to improve the Maps app. Therefore, there have been made some Maps updates which appear to be improving the use of the app. The improved placement for hundreds of city labels and a better satellite imagery for countries like England, France, and Germany deserve to be mentioned. In addition, very significant is an expanded “Flyover” coverage, and the turn-by-turn navigation which has   for a great number of international cities including Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dublin, and Rome.

Therefore, as Tim Cooked promised the problems that users encountered with Apple Maps had been resolved, and everything happened without the slightest toot of trumpets. This is the reason why it can be stated that Apple has been as good as Cook’s word.

Apple Maps is still seen as being behind Google Maps when it comes to features, functionality, and accuracy. However, it is obvious that Apple’s mapping service is getting significantly better, even though its reputation for quality may have been hurt by the Maps controversy, the damage being temporary.

Mapping is another area of huge competition not only between Google and Apple as it is highly necessary in connecting all people with the things that are in the world. This is the reason why Facebook and Google may be willing to pay $1 billion in order to achieve the popular traffic navigation startup Waze.

Waze is an Israel-based, worldwide crowd-sourced traffic and navigation app which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. If Apple plans to compete with Facebook and Google in this case, is still under a question mark. However, Apple could do its own crowd-sourcing from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch community much larger than Waze’s 20 million subscribers.


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