Apple’s September 10th Event is Now Official

After months of speculations and rumors, the analyst predictions are almost over, as Apple confirmed there will be an iPhone-related event scheduled on September 10, where the Fruit Company is rumored to release two different new handsets, as well as the iOS 7.

The Apple PR team just offered official invitations for the forthcoming September 10 event to a highly selective group of journalists. The press conference will be held at the company’s’ Cupertino, California, headquarters precisely at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern.

As far as the invitation is concerned, the official event announcement displays colorful graphics showing multiple circles behind the Apple logo, set against the all-white flattened background. In the same time, the teaser is decorated with a tagline saying, “This should brighten everyone’s day”.

Apple's September 10th event is official

As usual, Apple fans will search the invitation’s design for subtle hints and hidden meanings in order to find out more details regarding one of the most awaited events of the year.

Related to the forthcoming event, Apple is expected to release two devices, the iPhone 5S and the budget iPhone 5S, along with the latest version of firmware. However, both devices will be showcased by Cook, Schiller and the rest of the usual suspects.

Moving apart from its tradition, Apple has invited journalists to its Cupertino headquarter in order to reveal their product release. The last time when the Fruit Company has used its own Cupertino headquarters as a launching pad was for the iPhone 4S unveiling back in October 2011. Besides this, Apple’s headquarter were used for Steve Jobs’s Antennagate press conference where free iPhone 4 bumpers were announced.

So far, Apple has never released two iPhone at the very same time, but before actually seeing something practical, it is fair to say that iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are two different products.

In what concerns Apple’s cheap handset, the iPhone 5C will display a shell mainly of glossy polycarbonate, with the form factor slightly thicker than the iPhone 5. In the same time, the device is expected to contain re-used parts found within older models of its iconic smartphone brand. This will help the company set a lower price for the cheaper handset. In addition, the iPhone 5C will be running the iOS 7 operating system.

The iPhone 5S, on the other hand, is going to be the star of the show. The device is expected to host a purported 12 MP camera, dual-LED flash, bumped up processor allied to more RAM and the alleged fingerprint sensor. Moreover, the iPhone 5S is expected to offer two new color options, champagne/gold and graphite color configurations, while having the 128 GB storage option.

As for the iOS 7, the event is expected to play host to the announcement of Apple’s iOS 7 GM, or the Gold Member candidate. The firmware is near final and it is polished in order to face people’s hard critics. Until September 10, there will be plenty more rumors regarding the well-awaited event hosted by Apple.

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