Apple’s Next-Generation iPhone to Offer Rogue GPU

Since there are so many rumors surrounding the next-generation iPhone, which will be released by Apple during the third quarter of 2013, it is hard to believe what it is true or not. Some people consider the new iPhone product to represent the well-expected iPhone 5S while others consider the next generation iPhone to represent the new iPhone 6.

With all these new improvements and features, the most probably is the fact that the Fruit Company will reveal a truly different product and namely the iPhone 6.

Rogue GPU for Next iPhone

Recently, it has been suggested the fact that Apple might change the old GPU with Imagination Technology’ Series 6 GPU cores for all its new devices. The new processor also called Rogue will offer higher graphics and better display than any other Smartphone on the planet while the battery power will remain as efficient as before.

For now, the iPhone 5 uses IT’s Series 5 GPU with a triple core design, also called the PowerVR SGX 543MP3. On the other hand, Samsung used the same graphic technology when revealing their Samsung Galaxy S 4. The already debatable Rogue GPU will undoubtedly place Apple in front of its fearful rival, which will have no other advantage. Therefore, in order to compete and defeat its old rival, Apple will certainly make use of the Rogue processor for its next-generation of iPhone devices. In the same time, Apple might as well use the same processing unit on its next generation iPad in order to provide a slimmer and more efficient iPad 5 with the same battery capacity.

Since Apple is building its own processor units and its own iOS, the operating system is designed according to the processor in order to make use of the full hardware capacity. This is why iDevices offer better and increased performance than any other Smartphone on the market. They are fully exploiting the hardware, and the integration is complete.

Higher performance and Faster Graphics

The Rogue GPU processor is a highly capable and battery friendly unit, which will offer faster performance and high-speed graphics without changing the battery performance. The processing unit will not affect the battery life of the next iPhone in any way. In order to find out many more details, here is what the new Rogue GPU will offer to the next-generation iPhone product line.

First, the new Series 6 GPU will support up to 8Kx8K display resolution. In addition, near the Retina Display, this feature will become even more significant. Moreover, the high-end core (G6630) offers six shader clusters alongside performance and power optimization. The new entry-level G6100 chips offer only one shader cluster with each pixel-texturing unit.

In the last part, all Series 6 GPUs are all compatible with Series 5 and Series 5XT GPU, which will surely help developers in order to upgrade their apps and tweaks for the new iOS with the Rogue powered device.

According to Imagination Technology, the Series 6 will reach the market in the third quarter of 2013, the same time Apple is supposed to launch the next generation of iPhone in order to fulfill its regular release cycle.

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