Apple’s Next Generation iPad Supposed To Be 15% Thinner and 25% Lighter

According to a note released by KGI Security analyst, the next generation iPad will be 15 percent thinner than the iPad 4 and 25 percent lighter. These aspects represent the key features of the fifth generation 9.7 tablet released by Apple.

The appearance of the new device will increase sales and the number of units sold will surpass the current model. In what concerns the previous two tablets and namely the iPad 3 and iPad 4, the analyst also suggests the fact that the low number of units sold is due to the fact that both of them were thicker and heavier than the iPad 2. A different size and weight for the next generation of iPad will make a difference in the users’ perspective.

iPad 5 Lighter and thinner

Related to its slimness, iPad 5 will come with a new GF2 screen technology, which will also help to reduce the power use. As a mention, the previous iPad owns GG touch technology. The new screen technology will decrease the battery size by requiring less juice, which will reduce the number of cells. In this respect, its thickness will be reduced almost with 20 percent.

Another notable change concerns the design. The new full size iPad will take some aesthetic elements from the well-known iPad Mini. With a curved casing and thinner bezels, iPad 5 will bring consistency within Apple tablet line, and it will transform the device in a simpler and easier to use tablet. So far, we were able to see two supposed leaks showing the iPad’s front cover glass and a purported case build for an unknown device.

In what concerns its performance, the next generation iPad will come with a new A7 SoC processor produced over Samsung’s 28-nanometer process with enhanced efficiency and increased power. In the same time, the 5 MP camera on the fourth generation of iPad will represent a suitable camera feature for the next tablet as well as the front camera with FaceTime HD package.

The fifth generation iPad with GF2 screen technology, a smaller battery size and a lighter aspect will reveal a thinner and desirable unit for most users. As stated before, its weight will be around 500 grams, with 150 grams less than the current iPad 5. Its production is expected to start in July or August, and to reach the Apple Store somewhere around September.

In the same time, the analyst suggests the fact that an iPad mini is ready for a public release in the third quarter of 2013 and it will reach a larger marketplace. However, this is not the first time when the future iPad 5 is the target of rumors in what concerns its size, weight and internal components.

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