Apple’s New Web Campaign: “Why You’ll Love an iPad”

A few weeks after Apple released the “Why iPhone” campaign designed to highlight out the most striking features and options for iPhone, the Fruit Company decided that it is time to launch a new web campaign designed for iPad. “Why You’ll Love an iPad” web campaign tried to remind people that the iPad is still outstanding, and it has its remarkable features.

Why you'll love an iPad campaign

The new campaign follows the same strategy as the previous iPhone campaign, and it is designed for iPad and iPad mini tablet. Within the ad, Apple points out certain awards and reasons why users should use the iPad and the iPad mini. The towering Cupertino-based company focused on several iPad features and aspects such as wireless networking capabilities, battery life performance, App Store usage, AppleCare support and iCloud integration.

In what concerns the awards part, Apple mentioned the fact that Apple’s iPad was ranked as “Highest in Customer and Satisfaction among Tablets”. In the same time, the American Customer Satisfaction index also placed the iPad on the first spot in the category of personal computers.

Apple focused also in the high percentage of companies and school districts that use the iPad, the 300,000 apps available in the Apple Store within the iPad, the quality of the materials used for its production, the Retina display that certainly makes a difference in the way you watch videos and pictures. In the last part, Apple mentioned the accessibility and effectiveness that the new iPad mini is offering through its smaller size, the 10-hour battery life and the two cameras build within the smart device. As the campaign points out, 95% of Fortune 500 companies are already using and testing the iPad. This means a lot for the Silicon Valley Fruit Company if you ask me.

It is worth mentioning the fact that customers rarely complained about the iPad. They did not find something that went wrong within their Apple tablet. The good and positive feedbacks offered by its customers helped Apple to gains popularity and dominance in what concerns the tablet sales worldwide.

The previous “Why iPhone” campaign followed the Samsung Galaxy S4 release. Apple considered giving a response by stressing the most notable features and reasons why people should choose the iPhone above any other handset. In the case of the “Why You’ll Love an iPad” campaign, the already-mentioned one did not precede any other Android or Samsung tablet release.

As the human nature calls for something different occasionally, Apple customers want to see something totally different within the Apple products. Nor the iPhone or the iPad have brought something significantly different within each release. However, with the rumored iWatch, Apple will unquestionably bring something new for the gadget lovers all around the world.

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