Apple’s New iAd Workbench Helps Developers to Advertise Their Apps

On Wednesday, Apple released the new iAd Workbench, a tool created to offer developers a simple way to create, manage and optimize ad campaigns to promote their apps.

The service allows for an ad campaign budgets starting at US$50. This is the reason why it will be easier for developers to promote their apps directly to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners.

Judging by the screenshots from Workbench, the service offers an interface wherein users are able to input their ad buy budget, maximum daily spend, and cost-per-click bid. Then, the system will start calculating and offering estimates on how many users will likely see an ad, click on it, and download it.


Therefore, from the Dashboard users are able to change any of the campaign settings, edit banners, review overall performance, and optimize campaigns for improved results.

In iAd Workbench, users have the possibility to switch between “Automatic” and “Manual” optimization, the options being cleverly denoted by two big buttons resembling an automobile’s gearshifts, the automatic setting having iAd determine the right audience for an app while the manual mode allows developers to fine tune their targeting, the goal being represented by finding users by their app preferences, movie preferences, and so forth.

As stated above, the minimum purchase amount to participate in an ad campaign, in Workbench, is $50, a drastically lower price than the required buy-in, in 2010 when the iAd program was launched.

The low price is an extremely good news for smaller developers with extremely limited budgets as their chance to participate and advertise has increased. Additionally, the low price is also good for Apple as the company aims to get more developers to use iAds in their apps.

However, these lower-budget campaigns lead many on to having concerns regarding how this change will depreciate the iAd advertising base and cut payouts to developers who show iAd banners in their own applications, even though the system was created in order to bring more advertisers to the platform, and to improve the fill rates.

Although iAd Workbench looks as it could be a great opportunity for many developers, it is not for all the interested ones because, at this moment, the service appears to be available only in the United States.

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