Apple’s iWork for iCloud Beta Available For Free

Having multiple OS and iOS beta versions released within a couple of weeks, Apple continues its tradition and seeds iWork for iCloud Beta available for everyone.

Now, any user with a valid Apple ID who logs in to will be able to notice browser-based beta version for Pages, Numbers and Keynotes, which represent Apple’s iWork Suite available for tests.

iWork for iCloud Beta availabe

Originally, Apple released the web version for the iWork utilities package in June of the current year, just a few days after the most captivating developer event, the Worldwide Developer Conference. As it was expected, the package was immediately available for all those who had access to developer accounts. Moreover, Apple has started to send invitations to a couple of selected individuals.

At this point, Apple has figured it out multiple details regarding the web suite, improving existing flaws, and now, the company feels comfortable to give access to certain of its faithful registered developers.

The web based iWork collection of apps has seen the eyes of certain people, but it is worth mentioning the fact that not all of Apple’s App Store based iWork packages are free of charge. The already mentioned one, Pages, Numbers, and Keynotes package, is free of charge due to the increased number of users that have actually used the Apple productivity software.

The iWork suite joins Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Reminders and Find My iPhone as free cloud-based packages from the big Fruit Company. All three iWork apps are labeled as being beta versions with a yellow banner in the icons’ upper left corner.

Nonetheless, the app works with Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer and it allows users to quickly access, edit and save their documents right from the internet. In the same time, Apple’s developers have added a different benefit of iWork for iCloud. Now, Windows users can use their Apple IDs in order to get access to the tools. So far, the package was available only for Mac and iOS users.

For those who are interested in testing the cloud-based iWork suite, go to the iCloud website by typing the address, and sign in with your Apple ID. As another mention, the suite offers a new iOS 7-like look only for some users, which matches the redesigned icons that are to be found within Apple’s iPhone and iPad iOS beta versions.

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