Apple’s iPhone Surpassed in Seven Markets by Windows Phone

The new Windows Phone appears to have gained popularity and the sympathy of the public worldwide. The recent statistics concerning the number of units shipped is a good proof in this respect. However, apparently, the new device developed by Windows outsells the number of iPhone devices sold in the fourth quarter of 2012.

As Frank Shaw stated in a blog post, numbers suggest the fact that the Windows phone outshipped the Apple’s iPhone in seven countries during the fourth quarter in 2012. This represents a significant accomplishment for the Microsoft mobile operating system.

iPhone versus Windows Phone in Numbers

In case you wonder which ones of these countries demanded the Windows phone over the famous iPhone, let me answer this question for you. Therefore, Windows Phone was preferred mostly in Europe in countries such as Poland, Russia and Ukraine and in the rest of the world in India, Argentina and South Africa. However, a small group of even smaller counties in the rest of central and Eastern Europe represents the seventh country in this list.

However, as the IDC analysis Kevin Restivo suggested, Windows Phone sold only 100,000 units during the last quarter in the following countries: Ukraine, South Africa and the rest of central and Eastern Europe. What it is worth mentioning is the fact that the Smartphone market within these countries is mostly a grey market, which becomes uncountable for the analysts.

Around the number of units sold by Windows Phone within the already-mentioned countries, there are certain factors, which encourage the shipments. All these countries were known as being former Nokia strongholds. In addition, as you all know, for Windows Phone, Nokia represents the most preeminent handset partner. Another key reason why Apple’s iPhone was surpassed by Windows Phone in these seven markets is the fact that the price for a new iPhone handset might be excessively compared to the rest of other smart devices available on the market. Therefore, the buying power of these markets is in favor for the Microsoft’s OS device.

In the same time, the Windows Phone surpassed BlackBerry in 26 other countries. This means a rapid growth for the Microsoft phone, but as you were able to notice in the previous numbers, this means only a small part of the population. Apple has nothing to worry about the Windows Phone outsell since they have the rest of the world, and this includes bigger marketplaces such as India, U.S and China.

The last mention want to make in this respect is the fact that the source said that Apple was outshipped by Windows Phone in the previous mentioned countries. The word “ship” does not mean for sure that all these devices were sold to customers. Perhaps they are still waiting for their buyers in stores.

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