Apple’s iPhone Now 2nd Smartphone Supplier in India

The iPhone has always been considered to be a high-budget smart device for mass-adoption in India. Despite this fact, now, Apple has become the second smartphone supplier in India by implementing their iPhone at a lower price. This means a huge step for Apple especially when India offers closed market availability in what concerns the smartphone domain.

iPhone 4S in India Market

The rise of Apple in this Eastern part of the world is due to the fact that the Fruit Company decided to reduce costs and prices for their older devices such as iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. In the same time, some rumors suggest the fact that Ingram Micro distributor played a major part behind this notable Apple success. Apple’s strategy in what concerns India was all about reducing costs of their iOS powered devices while creating certain payment plans that turn the prices of iDevices into more affordable ones for the mass population. In the same time, Apple made use of some small retailers such as Mom and Pop shops, which were able to implement the especially designed payment plans much easily.

It is worth mentioning the fact that Samsung holds the first place with its Android powered devices, which are cheaper and more affordable for the majority of the population. More precisely, Samsung holds 38.8 percent of the smartphone market, Apple 15.6 percent followed by Sony with 9.4 and Nokia with 7.3.

In the past, Apple tried to enter the big smartphone marketplace in India, but their plans were defrayed by the prices displayed by the local carriers. In the same time, the Apple Store did not exist in India in a real store or in the online field. In what concerns the iPad mini and the iPad 4, shortly after they were released in U.S, Apple also launched them in India in order to reach the market place as soon as possible.

Back in December 2012, Apple released an official iTunes Store in India, in order to create the perfect set for launching affordable iDevices. This led Apple to become the number 2 smartphone supplier in India after Samsung. Despite this amazing statistic, Apple still needs to fight its way thought the huge marketplace offered by the Indian population. 15.6 percent does not mean that much when you take into consideration the fact that only 10 percent of the population owns a smartphone at this moment.

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