Apple’s “iPhone 5S” Parts Reveal FaceTime Camera and Home Button

Recent leaked images reveal various components of the alleged Apple’s iPhone 5S. The latest purported pieces show what could be the camera and the home button from Apple’s next-generation smartphone.

According to Letem Svetem Applem, the images present the newest supposed iPhone 5S components such as the front camera, home button and vibrating motor. However, these pictures cannot be verified as components of a future iPhone, the as the report states, the appearance of country-specific serial numbers confirm that it is likely to belong to the so-called iPhone 5S.

Apple iPhone 5S parts leaked

Due to the fact that the report’s source was born in Czech Republic, the same source suggests that Apple’s low-cost smartphone of the iPhone 5S will be launched in Czech Republic as soon as the first wave will be launched on the market.

The home button presented within the leaked pictures is slightly different from another leaked home button that appeared in March. However, the March report presented also a supposed iPhone 5S vibrating motor and the respective component looks pretty much the same as the one that appeared recently.

As far as the motor is concerned, the picture revealed to have a dual-head vibrating component. The report also suggested the fact that it might belong to a low cost iPhone. In the case of iPhone 5, Apple used a single-head rotational vibration. The reported two-head motor will definitely represent an improvement.

Another rumor that surrounded the alleged Apple’s low-cost iPhone was related to the integrated fingerprint scanning as a security measure for the next iPhone. The rumor appears to have lost its value as the launch approaches.

Other piece of speculation, based on the appearance of multi-colored SIM trays, suggests that the next iPhone will be revealed in an array of color options. Speculations still appear with each week that passes, and Apple does not show any signs of clarifying the problem.

In what concerns Apple, the Fruit Company, is not planning to launch its next smartphone until the fall of this year as Apple’s CEO Tim Cook suggested in a press release. According to the chief executive, Apple will release multiple new products in the third quarter of 2013 through 2014.

However, along with the release of the next iOS 7 within the WWDC, observers and fans expect to see a surprise product unveiling during the event Related to Apple’s suppliers, appear to be preparing for a launch September launch.

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