Apple’s iPad Prevents Pilot Severe Back Injuries

American Airlines confesses the fact that Apple’s iPad is preventing pilot back injuries. This change is because the 500-grams device requires less effort than the 40-pound flight bags. American airlines expect to address a relatively common issue among commercial airplane pilots, which is represented by the severe back injuries.

American Airlines to use iPad

Patrick O’Keeffe, vice president of Airline Operations Technology at American Airlines revealed the fact that iPads will become available to all its employees. Currently, the company has more than 8,600 pilots employed by the end of May. During the TabTimes Tablet Strategy Conference in New York, the airline company confessed the fact that the iPad represents the most suitable solution to prevent severe back injuries in what concerns their pilots.

The main important source of pilot injuries was represented by carrying the 40-pound packs, which was required to be transported each time when a new flight was required. The iPad represents the perfect solution to avoid those heavy packs, which caused such problems Moreover, according to the O’Keeffe; the iPad offers the possibility “to save more than $1 million in fuel costs and stop printing all page revisions”.

American Airlines started using Apple’s iPad during all phases of flight last year, and so far, it is the only carrier in the world with permission to do so. The iPad is the only tablet approved by the Federal Aviation Administration as an electronic flight bag.

Regular flight bags are pretty heavy reaching more than 40 pounds with thousands of pages of charts and manuals. Pilots are required to carry with them each time they go on a flight. By changing the printed pages with the iPad and going digital in the same time, American Airlines will reduce printing costs, and it will make it easier for the pilots to carry all those heavy charts.

Since so far the iPad is allowed for use as an electronic flight bag, the American Airlines chose also to use Google Android devices for other details of the flight. In the same time, the company has acquired 16,000 Samsung Galaxy notes for its crewmembers and flight attendants. Employees will use the devices to manage data related to food service, seating and up-to-date gate information.

This change brings more utility and effectiveness for the company as well for its employee. After all, this will save time and money for both the employer and for the employee while enhancing the communication.

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