Apple’s iOS 7 to Include Calendar, Mail App Overhauls

The Apple’s iOS 7 will represent a significant improvement and change to the Fruit Company’s operating system. Apparently, dramatic changes will be revealed to the future iOS 7, which includes Calendar and Mail app overhauls.

Under the leadership of designer Jony Ive, the iOS 7 will reportedly see a significant overhaul, which will bring new looks for the native Calendar and Mail applications for iPhone and iPad.

Apple iOS 7 with Calendar and Mail Updates

According to Ive, the designer will implement dramatic changes to Apple’s mobile operating system. The founder has reportedly used the “skeuomorphic” designs borrowed from the previous iOS 6 such as wooden bookshelf look found in the current Newsstand folder of iOS 6.

The “skeuomorphic” term describes elements that are made to resemble  real-life objects. These elements can be found throughout the whole iOS such as a poker table feel of the GameCenter or the leather like textures features in the Find My Friends application.

As rumors stated before, the iOS 7 release might be delayed due to some problems. The iOS update has faced some problems, and Apple has tried its best in order to end the update as soon as possible, preferably before WWDC 2013 takes place. Moreover, Apple has engaged all its OS X engineers in order to finish the operating system update in time.

Ive took the place of the Human Interface chief after Forstall, who was fired from the company some time ago. The recent CEO is responsible for the skeuomorphic designs and other improvements concerning the Apple’s operating system.

The iOS 7 designer is trying to review all changes carefully in order to avoid other further problems. In the case of the iOS 6 released by Apple in the last year, the update encountered various problems with the quicker release of the mapping system. Now, Ive is trying to encourage collaboration and connection between the software and hardware divisions, which operated in the past in silos under co-founder Steve Jobs.

However, the rumors suggest the fact that even bigger changes will be revealed for applications such as Mail or Calendar. As critics suggested, such changes might not be ready for the iOS 7 release, and they will reach out the public only with other future OS release.

Apple has promised to present the next major version of iOS 6 and OS X 10.9 at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, which will be from June 10 to 14. Those who plan to be a part of the WWDC 2013, unfortunately, this is no longer possible. All thickets were sold in a matter of seconds.

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