Apple’s iOS 6 Runs On More Than 90% of iPhones

With a new operating system version expected to be launched at the Worldwide Developers Conference starting on June 10, a new study finds that Apple’s iOS 6 is installed on more than 90 percent of all iPhones in the North America.

According to Chitika Insights, the current version of Apple’s operating system dominates the iPhone and the iPad in what concerns the North America’s population on mobile web traffic. The study revealed that exactly 92.7 percent of iDevices were running on some version of iOS 6.

In the case of the iPad, the numbers revealed the fact that only 82.9 percent of iPad units were running the latest version of operating system platform offered by the Cupertino-based company.

Apple's iOS 6

With the remaining percent of iOS version, the iOS 5 was the most popular on iPhones with only 5.5 percent traffic share. On the other hand, iOS 4 reached a 1.7 percent share while Apple oldest iOS 3 had only a 0.1 percent share.

Again, in the case of Apple’s smart table, the remaining percent is held by iOS 5, which reached 13.4 percent share. The other two versions, the iOS 4 and iOS 4 managed to get a 3.8 percent and 0.6 percent shares respectively.

As Chitika explained, the presence of older iOS version on the iPad is because Apple’s latest operating system version does not sport multiple new innovative features, and the ones that were added are designed mostly for devices with a cellular connection. The respective version, launched in September 2012, added features such as FaceTime over cellular or turn-by-turn navigation, again empowered by a cellular connection.

It is worth mentioning the fact that the study was based on an analysis of approximately 300 million web page views recorded in the United States and Canada, in late May.

In what concerns the iOS 7 topic, users know only what rumors suggested. So far, Apple did not offer any hints regarding its next operating system update. However, the company confirmed the fact that the mobile OS will be presented in the incoming WWDC 2013.

Based on rumors, the upgraded operating system will display a new flat interface, with changed icons and a possible radio service called the iRadio internet streaming service.

Chitika Insights is confident that the next iOS 7 will see a rapid adoption rate upon its release, as have older versions in the past. Within a month of its release, iOS 6, the current version, managed to run on more than 60 percent of iPhones and iPads. At the end of January, the figure has reached more than 80 percent.

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