Apple’s iCloud Bookmark Sync Available For Chrome And Firefox

With the iOS 7 final released for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and iTunes 11.1 for Window and Mac users, Apple has considered that it is the time to improve their iCloud bookmark synchronization services that are meant to provide additional functionality for all users owning a Windows based PC.

Apple’s iCloud Control Panel is easy and user-friendly. The service makes it easy for Windows users to keep a track of their personal contacts, calendars and various other bookmarks all in sync with one another across multiple devices.

As expected, Apple’s cloud platform is independent, and it allows users to access their private information on a Mac, Windows based PX or any other iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad.

iCloud Bookmark sync now available

However, one of the major changes that the iCloud Bookmark service offers, is the fact that now, the iCloud Control Panel includes support for Windows 8 while bringing bookmark synchronization to the Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

So far, the Cupertino Company has offered only this type of bookmark synchronization on Windows PCs for Microsoft’s native Internet Explorer browser. Considering the high number of users who perform their searches on Chrome of Firefox Mozilla, it is natural that Apple has considered changing their service in order to support other browsers.

It is worth mentioning the fact that the Fruit Company has mentioned that users will need to have a dedicated extensions for their browser of choice installed on the running machine, so the update is not a box offering.

For those of you who do not know what iCloud Control Panel for Windows is the service represents a dedicated app for Windows powered PC that allows those who own Apple devices to keep their personal data in check.

The famous Cupertino Company is doing its best in order to keep all its services up to date and working without problems or errors. The company is using multiple resources and time into keeping iCloud Control panel updated. Besides the updated iCloud Control panel bookmark synchronization, users will definitely need a feature that would allow them to synchronize these bookmarks on other OS X variants of Chrome and Firefox.

All iOS owners and Windows users, who do not have an iCloud Control Panel Installed, simply launch the Apple Software Update tool and download it from there. The app is free, easy and, as it was mentioned earlier, user-friendly.

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