Apple’s iCloud Beta Site Updated with iOS 7 Design

Since the iOS 7 was revealed at this year’s WWDC, all talks were related to its particular renewed design. As it was expected, Apple tried to remove the old classic design of the UI on iOS devices, and the company has offered a new appearance for its famous operating system.

The hardware design lead Jony Ive was responsible for updating and renewing the interface and his skeuomorphism was not well received by the worldwide users. However, as with any change, people got used to it and now, with all those iOS 7 beta versions released, users have the possibility to try it out.

Therefore, as Apple tried to perform a transition from old iOS to new iOS, the company also made some similar changes to the beta version of the website. Now, the web platform has been completely overhauled with a visual design that matches the company’s future iOS 7 operating system.

iCloud Beta Site Updated d

The is a web-based go-to for all iCloud users, which it allows subscribers to check contacts, mails and the like. In the same time, the platform also offers a useful feature for locating lost iPhones.

The Find My iPhone feature allows users to locate lost iOS devices, and in the same time, to remotely wipe all data in case of stolen devices. The feature also received a fresh look, while still relying on Google Maps for location data over Apple’s own mapping system.

Despite the fact that the web platform has encountered some critics at the beginning, now, it has become a staple part of the entire Apple’s infrastructure. The has over 320 million registered users and counting.

Now, the web app versions for Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Reminders appear to resemble their iOS 7 counterparts in both appearance and functionality. Nonetheless, the did not borrow everything from iOS. iCloud does not feature the flashy translucency effects that Apple has unveiled within iOS 7. However, the fonts and minimalistic design were moved to the web.

As rumors suggest, Apple is trying to have the new iCloud ready alongside iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks, when the operating systems will be released this autumn. The new look is available for iOS and Mac app developers to see at, with the regular site address taking the older form.

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