Apple’s Efforts to Build the World’s Greenest Data Centers

It appears that Apple is expanding its data center footprint with impressive speed. What seems to be uncommonly attractive is that Apple has exceptional plans to achieve an environmental impact.

Last year, the company’s data centers, managed an approximated $8.1 billion in iTunes media transactions (including around $3.7 billion in video content and, in addition, $4.4 billion in music sales), as well as a supplementary $7.5 billion worth of App Store sales.

At this moment, Apple is presenting 2 billion iMessages each day, besides its 250 million iCloud users, via both tens of millions of Macs and the installed base of 500 million iOS devices.

According to a recent study put together by Strategy Analytics, Apple’s iCloud is in present the largest supplier of online media services for American consumers, being situated on an equal place with Dropbox and Google combined.

Because it has to support all this services, the company is obligated to consume enormous amounts of power, in order to operate. There is also a need to generate a large quantity of heat that must be evacuated from the densely packed equipment. This “mission” requires additional energy. In other words, Apple’s services consume too much energy, and the company finds itself in the position to consider becoming more environmentally friendly.

Therefore, in Maiden, Apple already developed a series of energy efficient programs, containing improved monitoring of power consumption and cooling requirements. Apple is water cooling server equipment using a massive chilled water storage system. In addition, Apple “built the nation’s largest end user–owned, on-site solar photovoltaic array on land surrounding the data center”.

Despite Apple’s plan to become more eco-friendly, Greenpeace attacked the company, affirming that the construction in Maiden, North Carolina is nothing but “a lack of a corporate commitment to clean energy supply for its cloud operations”, as in that region there has been dependence on coal and nuclear energy.

Apple responded to the accusations, stating that the company is trying to make Maiden the “greenest data center ever built, and it will be joined next year by our new facility in Oregon running on 100% renewable energy.”

Therefore, Apple continues attempting to become more eco-friendly. The company makes efforts to build environmentally sound data centers in other new locations, having innovative green projects in Oregon and Nevada.

In addition to its extensive and expensive efforts to “go green”, the company appears to have zero problems in continuing its expansion in the data center construction. Therefore, according to the company’s data center, Apple is likely to reveal meaningful new iCloud services this year.

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